Did NASA SOHO Satellite Spot UFO A Million Miles From Earth? See This Strange Shape In Space

A UFO researcher spotted an odd shape in a photo from the NASA SOHO satellite earlier this week, and a video that he posted to YouTube now has alien hunters working overtime to figure out what the odd object in an image snapped a million miles from Earth could possibly be.

The SOHO satellite, pictured in the NASA illustration at the top of this page, is an unmanned spacecraft launched in 1995 that orbits the sun, but stays close enough — generally about 930,000 miles — to Earth that it can send back constant communications, mainly photographic images of our solar system.

SOHO, which is short for Solar and Heliocentric Observatory, is especially good at discovering comets. In February, it recorded its 2,875th newly discovered comet, and NASA expects the satellite’s sharp artificial eyes to pass the 3,000 mark in new comets in the near future.

Maybe that’s what the odd shape in this photo, noticed by prolific YouTube UFO maven Streetcap1, actually could be — yet another comet. Or maybe not. Here’s the NASA photo, snapped by SOHO on March 1. Can you spot the weird object, slightly below and to the right of the image center?

If you didn’t see the possible UFO in that image, take a look at the video, posted by the UFO enthusiast last Sunday, for several close-up, enhanced views of the strangely shaped object in space.

Here is a screen capture from the Streetcap1 video, showing the odd shape up close.

NASA Soho UFO photo

“In my opinion the UFO does not pose a threat to us, instead the ship is just trying to protect us from a major catastrophe that could happen if it stops absorbing solar energy from the sun,” wrote one commenter on the video’s YouTube page.

“It certainly looks like a satellite but the size must be enormous,” wrote another.

But another commenter noticed that the odd shape bears an even more odd resemblance to this.

Of course, That’s an X-Wing fighter, as seen in the six Star Wars movies produced so far. Maybe George Lucas knew more than he was telling when he came up with his now-legendary cinematic space opera?

Of course, the shape in the SOHO photo also bears a strong resemblance to this.

Fans of Battlestar Galactica will recognize that ship as a Colonial Viper fighter.

But this NASA SOHO photo is not this first time a BSG-style ship has been spotted in Earth’s cosmic neighborhood. Back in January, another UFO hunter was combing through old photos taken by the manned Apollo 7 space mission in 1966 — 49 years ago — and spotted what appears to be a UFO that also looks weirdly familiar.

Check out The Inquisitr coverage of that Apollo 7 sighting at this link. What’s your explanation for these head-scratching UFO images in NASA space photographs?

[Top Image: Alex Lutkus/NASA]