'Teen Mom 2' Custody: Jenelle Evans Plans To Show 'Stable Home Life' Despite Recent Arrests

Another Teen Mom 2 custody case is making the rounds. Last month, Adam Lind was in court fighting for the right to see his youngest daughter, and now, Jenelle Evans is reportedly embroiled in a custody battle against her mom, Barbara, who has custody of Jenelle's son, Jace.

Barbara has had custody of the young boy for nearly his entire life while the Teen Mom 2 star has simply had visitation with the young boy. However, since she has been in a relationship with Nathan Griffith, Jenelle has made it a point to try and get more time with her son and possibly even custody. Jenelle and Nathan have a son together who is not yet a year old. According to a report from Radar Online, a source says Jenelle is determined to show that she can provide a stable home for the young boy.

"Jenelle plans to show that she and Nathan have a stable home life and that it would be good for Jace when he lives with them. She needs to show the court that she and Nathan have a solid relationship and that their home would be a safe and comforting place for Jace to live."

Of course, with the recent arrest of Nathan Griffith, this Teen Mom 2 custody battle could get messy. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Nathan was arrested on March 4, reportedly for domestic violence. Details of the arrest are limited, but what is known is that the cops were called to the residence twice, the second resulting in the arrest of Nathan.

There have been rumors that the relationship between Jenelle and Nathan has been strained, leaving some to wonder what would become of the Teen Mom 2 custody battle. Rumors suggested that Jenelle had withdrawn her petition, but a Twitter account set up to address rumors about the reality show star vehemently denied that the petition was withdrawn.

In regards to the Teen Mom 2 custody battle, it seems that the court date which was set for March 4 may have simply been pushed to April and that could happen again, according to the source that spoke to Radar Online.

"The April date is just another calendar hearing and that will likely be pushed forward too."

Right now, there are many rumors surrounding the court date, some reports saying Jenelle skipped out on the hearing to attend therapy with her boyfriend, Nathan. However, the two never made it to therapy and the arrest happened shortly after. It is unclear how Jenelle will plan to show that the couple has a stable home life, especially after Nathan's arrest. Jenelle was also recently arrested, reportedly for driving without a license.

MTV is currently filming for the sixth season of the show, and the Teen Mom 2 custody battle will likely be shown on the new season. Cameras were also reportedly at Jenelle's house when the arrest occurred.

[Image: via Twitter]