Pregnant Woman In Labor Brutally Beaten By Five Masked Intruders During Home Invasion

On March 2, a pregnant woman was brutally beaten by several intruders during a home invasion. To make matters worse, she was in labor at the time of the assault.

According to the Daily Mail, her contractions were reportedly six minute apart at the time the horrific encounter took place. She was actually preparing to leave her home and head to the hospital. However, her plans were thwarted when she was approached by five masked assailants who forced their way into the home.

The 22-year-old mother of two, whose name has not been released, was brutally beaten with a baseball bat. She was also stabbed and slashed in the face with a butcher knife. As the brutal attack continued, the victim's partner was reportedly upstairs gathering bags for their trip to the hospital. At the sound of shattering glass, the partner ran to see where the noise was coming from. Needless to say, the partner walked in on the horrific scene of the pregnant woman being beaten while she was in labor.

The victim's partner recently spoke about the horrific incident and the brutal beating. Luckily, the other two children were not in the home at the time of the attack. The partner was also beaten while trying to protect the pregnant woman and baby. Although the partner kept explaining that the victim was pregnant, the beating continued, reports the Express.

"My partner's contractions were about six minutes apart, so I went upstairs to get her hospital bag and to phone the babysitter to come and look after our two-year-old. The next thing I heard a loud smash – like a fish tank shattering. My partner started screaming my name and I just heard these men shouting something like 'where's the money?', 'give us the money!' the partner recalled. "I came down running down the stairs and they were attacking her. I just threw my arms round her to protect her. They carried on beating us. I was just shouting back at them, 'you are wrong man, she is in labor. Me and my girlfriend just started screaming and shouting for help."

Although the victim will reportedly recover from the injuries, her partner is concerned with her mental state going forward. Unfortunately, she has no desire to even go back home.

"I can't even describe to you how angry I am. My partner is too traumatized to even go back to our home. She is going to need counselling to help her get through this. To do this to a woman who is in labour – it's sick."

On Tuesday, March 4, the pregnant woman gave birth to a healthy baby despite her injuries. However, the manhunt for the intruders continues.

[Photo by Larry W. Smith/Getty Images]