Spore releases an API

For those that may not know of the game Spore is a game from Maxis that lets you create your creature universe. Through the various stages of your creatures growth you can also explore the world it is a part of. As part of the growth of the game Maxis has now released a web based API that developers can use to create their apps across a variety of programming languages utilizing the Spore database of creature creations

Here at Maxis, we’re working on some features to help the community create their own Spore applications. We’re collecting these features into a web-based Spore API. Using simple web services, you can access our huge database of creations and creators. Check out the gallery to see apps made with the Spore API. The documentation section has reference sheets and samples to get you started.

If you are interested you can get started on their developer page. the company has also announced a contest to see just how creative people can be

We’re interested in seeing what kind of application or widget you can develop, utilizing our massive database of creations, Sporecasts, and player information.

Create your app from scratch, or download the source code from one of the sample apps we’ve posted on the API page.

Winners will score themselves some nVidia graphics cards, copies of the Spore game as well as the recently released expansion Galactic Adventures.

hat tip to c|net and offworld