Pamela Anderson’s Bob Debut: Actress Reveals New Shorter Hair Amid Changes

Pamela Anderson’s bob hairstyle is causing people to take a second look at the 47-year-old actress. According to E! Online, Pamela stepped out recently with a much shorter hairstyle, and it has people talking on social media and in the news.

The actress has been making many changes in her life recently. Last month, she filed for divorce from Rick Salomon for a third time. The couple filed for divorce last year, but they reunited for six months. According to a previous Inquisitr report, the actress realized she made a mistake with the reunion.

“She likes bad boys, and he’s too nice and boring. She had reservations, and now she realizes she should have listened to her instinct. She regrets ever saying yes.”

There has been drama since Pamela filed for divorce this time around. Rick is accusing the actress of fraud, and an issue over his dog made headlines on TMZ late last month. Pamela kicked both Rick and his dog out of her house.

Pamela’s new look was first spotted when she was seen out in Hollywood with a mystery man, according to Mail Online. Anderson was seen leaving the West Hollywood’s Crossroads Restaurant with a man wearing a cowboy hat on Saturday night. The two exchanged a green box between them before they went their separate ways. The identity of the man is not known.

This is not the only big change Pamela Anderson made in her personal life this week. On Saturday, she posted on her social media accounts one final time before she closed them down, according to Belfast Telegraph. Both her Twitter and Facebook are now shut down, and her Instagram account has been marked private.

She told her followers it was “nothing personal” before shutting everything down. Her Twitter account had over one million followers at the time she closed it down.

Even with her social media accounts shut down, fans are still taking to social media to talk about Pamela’s new look, and she is definitely receiving praise for the new “classy” look from her fans. The blonde bombshell is known for her long blonde locks, but this new style is winning fans over.

This is not the first time the actress has walked around with shorter hair. She had a super short hairstyle back in 2013. At that time, she revealed to Ellen Degeneres that her “hair had a life, and I wanted to kind of put that behind me and start fresh.”

Could Pamela Anderson be trying to start fresh once again after filing for divorce last month?

Her looks are something people notice, and some even want to look just like her. According to the Huffington Post UK, one British woman has spent over $20,000 to look just like the actress. She has spent the last 20 years of her life emulating Pamela Anderson after her father told her she looked like Anderson.

Carolyn Anderson spoke about the change to her look over the years.

“I came home with my hair dyed blonde because my dad wouldn’t do it aged ten and he’s been maintaining it ever since. I remember him saying you have a look of Pamela Anderson and I was flattered. We got all the magazines out and because I already had similar features, I wanted the hair and the clothes to complete the look. Dad was always a bit dubious because I was smart and he wanted me to be a solicitor but it’s his fault for planting the idea in the first place. Now he makes sure my hair looks great, and my tan is topped up.”

What do you think of Pamela Anderson’s bob hairstyle? Would you want to look like her?

[Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images]