Victoria Beckham Lookbook Makes It Chic To Be A Corpse

Unconscious is the new heroin chic, apparently. Posh Spice-turned-fashion designer Victoria Beckham has revealed her rather odd autumn 2015 lookbook — and don’t feel bad if you’re a little confused.

Images of her fall 2015 line — called Victoria, Victoria Beckham, by the way — have been unveiled on social media, and while the clothes are lovely, the models displaying them in the lookbook seem a little… bored to death.

Some are prone on the floor. Another is draped lifelessly across a chair. Another is slumped in a corner. One is even standing upright with her eyes closed like a sleeping horse, People Magazine reported.

All that has people asking why Victoria is trying to make the undead look trendy.

The photographer responsible for the lookbook images is named Colin Dodgson, and apparently he intended his photos to pay homage to 1990s heroin chic, E! Online explains. He may also have intended the lifeless lookbook models to draw attention to the clothes, which are actually quite cheery – some in bright pink, others in sexy leopard prints, the clothing line explained in a press release.

And if you can get past the corpse-like models in the lookbook, Beckham’s fall clothing line is getting positive attention. Victoria has been a darling in the fashion world since she debuted her label in 2008, has been showcased at New York Fashion Week, and received rave reviews for her designs. The pop star-turned-designer is known for her “feminine silhouettes, classic fabrics and fresh prints,” People explained.

But Beckham’s fall lookbook is bit of a departure from her previous designs – known as being quite simple and minimalistic.

“Attitude is applied, stripped down and made sophisticated creating a wearable collection that continues to evolve with its customer … (it’s) free spirited and fun – key features are made of classic fabrics such as ginghams, tweeds and leathers, which are twisted and played with to create new and modern statements.”

Even though the clothes are fetching, people outside the fashion world will likely never understand lookbook’s odd corpse theme. But perhaps there is one explanation for why the models look so zonked: they fainted after reading the price tag on their lovely Victoria, Victoria Beckham threads — $1,995.

[Photo Courtesy Victoria Beckham’s Facebook]