Becca Tilley Says She's Not In Love With 'Bachelor' Chris Soules — Does He Pick Whitney By Default?

Bachelor Chris Soules learns that Becca Tilley is not in love with him shortly before he hands out his final rose on Monday night. Will this revelation force him to pick Whitney Bischoff? [Spoilers ahead]

On the Bachelor season finale, Chris and his final two ladies travel to Iowa for their final dates. When he introduces Becca and Whitney to his family, it becomes clear Becca is not quite ready to get married and move to Iowa. In a preview video from ABC, she tells Chris' mother that she is not in love with him.

"He is an amazing man. I am crazy about him, but I'm not at a point where I'm in love with him."
Chris has an unrealistic time limit when it comes to choosing his bride-to-be on the show, so the pressure is on. His mother makes it clear to Becca that she needs to make a decision soon.
"If I say you have a choice here... you have two days to make a decision or it's going to end... what would you do then? What would turn the tide on your to make you want to be here?"
Of course, the preview cuts off with Becca thinking about the question, making fans wonder how she can go from "not in love" to "in love" just hours before the rose ceremony arrives. Chris' father is shown saying that he thinks Becca is the one Chris is really in love with, but her inability to commit may be the reason he is forced to propose to Whitney.

Whitney has been very open about her feelings towards Chris, and told him many episodes ago that she was in love. She revealed on the season premiere that she's been watching the Bachelor since high school, and she has made all the steps necessary to secure herself a husband-to-be at the end of the show.

Blogger Reality Steve mentioned in last week's live video chat that Whitney is "playing the game" correctly, and knows exactly what to say on the show. Telling Chris that she would give up her job and move to Iowa if he proposed certainly gave her the edge, especially when Becca is still unsure about making a commitment of any kind.

There has been plenty of speculation about how the Bachelor season finale will end. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Reality Steve's spoilers may be wrong and fans will see Chris propose to Becca at the final rose ceremony. However, Steve still maintains that he is 100 percent certain his sources gave him the right information and Whitney will win the big engagement ring and the handsome farmer.

Tune in to find out what really happens when the Bachelor season finale airs on March 9 on ABC. The three hour finale will end with a live After the Final Rose special that will feature Chris and his bride-to-be and (possibly) the girl that he didn't pick.

Do you think Becca will say "I love you" in time to get Chris' final rose, or will he go with the sure thing and propose to Whitney?

[Image: ABC]