What’s Happening To Zayn Malik? One Direction Singer’s Alleged Misbehavior Might Cost Him His Fame

Zayn Malik remains to be One Direction’s most beloved member, despite the recent emergence of rumors which spawned numerous, unflattering gossip headlines about the 22-year-old singer.

However, talk about Malik’s alleged misbehavior has undeniably made him a bit unpopular among a few fans. Just last month, Zayn’s brief concert trip to Australia has caused outrage among his followers from Down Under, when he engaged in a few incidents that reportedly showcased the young singer’s diva side.

In one alleged incident, while still on his way to Sydney, Malik reportedly acted rudely towards a fellow passenger aboard the plane. According to the Inquisitr, Zayn Malik was walking down the aisle on his way to first class when he accidentally spilled beer on a female passenger.

And while petty accidents like this are easily forgivable — a simple sorry (perhaps with an autograph on the side) would have fixed the situation — Zayn reportedly didn’t bat an eye and kept walking back to his corner, much to the dismay of the lady. She took her case anonymously to a local radio show in Sydney and disclosed all the events that reportedly happened aboard Air Malik.

Shortly after his flight, Zayn Malik was again seen showing his nasty side when he verbally challenged One Direction co-singer Liam Payne during their second Sydney concert. The video of the brief event has since gone viral on clip-sharing website Vine.

Fast forward to last week. According to reports from Heat World, the pop artist left right in the middle of their last Aussie concert because, according to his fellow One Direction singers, he was feeling a bit under the weather. It would have been more convincing if Zayn wasn’t allegedly spotted at an L.A. party hours after he called in sick.

No one is saying these rumors are 100 percent accurate. In fact, with how Hollywood works, it’s more probable that some of these stories are blown way out of proportion. However, just like with every other music personality, fame remains to be a tricky and unfriendly path for Zayn to take, and proper caution is necessary to maintain his hard-earned success. If he continues to get himself involved with incidents like the ones above (if said incidents indeed happened), then he is running the risk of ending up like a 90’s boy band ex-member — broke, unpopular, and constantly in conflict with the law.

Despite these rumors and allegations, fans remain loyal to the singer, especially now that he is beginning to experiment with music outside his comfort zone. Recent rumors from Hollywood Life revealed that the singer is currently courting the idea of entering the rap industry.

[Image from Theo Wargo/Getty Images]