Two Dead Babies' Bodies Found Stashed In The Ceiling Of Gary, Indiana Funeral Home

The bodies of two dead babies were discovered in the ceiling of a Gary, Indiana, funeral home Wednesday

According to WGN, the bodies of the two babies were reportedly found at the Smith, Bizzel & Warner Funeral Home in the 4200 block of Grant Street. While no foul play is suspected in the death of either baby at this point in time, authorities are investigating why the two babies were stashed away in the ceiling of the funeral home.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the gender of one of the babies is unknown, although it appears to have been stillborn. Investigators say that the baby's body appears to be "mummified," and could date back to March of 1996. Reports state there was some information on the newborn that suggests the infant arrived in 1996, and that there was a woman's name with those records.

The second baby whose body was discovered in the funeral home's ceiling was only a few months old, according to the Chicago Tribune. The infant reportedly still has a hospital identification band on it, indicating that the baby was born in March 2012.

While investigators believe there was no foul play involved in the deaths of the two babies, it is unclear as to why they were hidden in the ceiling of the Smith, Bizzel & Warner Funeral Home.

"If there's a crime, it would probably be related to improper disposal of the bodies," Commander Del Stout said.

While authorities have yet to gather all the facts in the case of the two dead babies found in the Gary, Indiana, funeral home, there are some theories going around, including that the funeral home could have "collected the babies after they were born, but no funeral was held when family members couldn't or didn't pay for services," according to the Chicago Tribune.

Concord Family Services is the current owner of the Smith, Bizzel & Warner Funeral Home, and spokeswoman Sandi Cogan did state that the coroner was summoned in an effort "to get some final disposition" and "a final resting place" for the two babies.

At the time of this report, no new information has been released to the general public regarding the two dead babies' bodies discovered in the Smith, Bizzel & Warner Funeral Home located in Gary, Indiana. Reports state that a news conference has been scheduled for later today.

[Image via Shutterstock/Heiko Kueverling]