'Dragon Ball Super' Chapter 61 Spoilers, Predictions: Merus Could Join Forces With Goku & Vegeta To Beat Moro

Dragon Ball Super Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga continues to get intense. After Son Goku suffered a massive defeat at the hands of Moro for the second time, Saiyan Prince Vegeta arrived on Earth to test his newly acquired technique against the powerful wizard. However, though the outcome of the second faceoff between Vegeta and Moro has yet to be revealed, another reinforcement could appear in the next chapter of Dragon Ball Super manga to give Son Goku a hand in preventing Earth from being completely destroyed — trainee Angel Merus.

Vegeta may look confident that he could defeat Moro in his current state, but with the wizards still hiding plenty of tricks under his sleeves, there's no guarantee the Saiyan Prince could really save Earth on his own. Though Whis already warned him multiple times about meddling with the mortals, Evan Valentine of Comic Book wrote that he believes that Merus could break the laws of the Angels to help Son Goku and Vegeta in taking Moro down.

"The fight against Moro isn't going too well, with Goku unable to defeat him using the first form of Ultra Instinct in Sign. Though Androids 17 and 18 were able to save him, Goku is still defeated at the hands of Moro, giving time for Vegeta to appear with some brand new tricks up his sleeve. While the fight between Vegeta and Moro hasn't taken place as of yet, we would imagine that if the world is truly looking like it will be destroyed, Merus will have no other option but to join the fight, angel law or no!"
Though he is well aware of the rules of the Angels, Merus seems to care about Earth and the planets of Universe 7 very much and badly wants to protect them against Moro. Whis may have said that Angels have no right to change the fate of the planets since it could have a huge effect on the cycle of the universe, but Valentine thinks that he would be the one who would give Merus the go signal to head back to Earth and help Son Goku and Vegeta beat Moro.

With Whis' love of Earth, specifically its delicious foods, it wouldn't be surprising if Whis really did such a thing. However, breaking the laws of the Angels come with a huge consequence. After he vowed to look after Merus, Whis would likely be the one who would receive punishment from the Grand Priest for their actions.

Seeing Merus join the fight of the mortals would undeniably bring more thrill and excitement in the ongoing Dragon Ball Super manga. In his potential faceoff against Moro, Merus would likely demonstrate the full power of Ultra Instinct and other powers only an Angel like him possesses.