Chocolate Snorting Device Offers Legal High To Cocoa Lovers

Addam Corré

There are those who love chocolate, and then there are those who love chocolate and will even snort it through a device to give themselves a legal high when a Snickers bar just doesn't do the trick anymore.

A specialist Belgian chocolatier, Dominique Persoone, has invented the ultimate in cocoa powder snorting, which launches two small lumps of cocoa powder into the nostrils.

As there's no research out there for the negative effects of snorting chocolate, it is totally legal for now, but why would anyone choose to do it?

Did I say anyone? How about the approximately 20,000 people who have ordered the chocolate snorting device online?

A Vancouver, Canada, shop is the first known outlet to sell the device in North America, and owner Mary Jean Dunsdon claims she has sold many, ranging from $109 or $2 per sniff to more than to 100 customers.

As she told reporters, "We get some people back who'd like to try it again. Or people that like to try both flavors, but no there's no addiction."

The Mast brothers, Rick and Michael from Brooklyn, could also tell you a thing or two about chocolate, as they sell what's known as "artisanal chocolate" for a massive $8 per bar!

As Rick said to journalists, "For people that want to take their pleasures to the next level you engage in a company like Mast Brothers."

However, when it comes to chocolate addiction, Dr. Ashley Gearhardt, from the University of Michigan, who runs a science lab for food addictions, said it all starts in the brain.

"That same brain region is one of those regions that we know is really important in other drug addictions," Gearhardt says. "This section of the brain is activating and saying you want that you crave that you really should get more of that."

Nevertheless, snorting chocolate from a specially designed device? Isn't that taking things just a little too far?

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