California Mom Charged With Manslaughter After Her 20-Day-Old Baby Found In Swamp

After the body of a 20-day-old baby was found in a swamp by deputies from the Yolo County Sheriff’s Office, the baby’s mother, Samantha Green, was arrested and charged with manslaughter.

The police identified the body of the child as Justice Rees.

On Tuesday, when Green was found by the police at around 5:30 pm on the east levee of the slough, she was, hysterical and it was hard to get any sense out of her.

As Yolo County Sheriff’s Capt. Larry Cecchettini said during a press conference on Wednesday,”They’ve been out here all night. Everybody’s emotional. When you have something like this, especially when it involves a child, you just don’t give up.”

While the Captain said that the tragic death did not show evidence of foul play, Green still finds herself in a lot of trouble.

Green claimed to detectives that she was abducted by a man, while the child’s father was also questioned. The baby’s grandmother, Patty Rose, told reporters,

“Samantha just came back from talking to the sheriff’s. She was abducted. She recognized the person and she gave them his name. I hope he’s already in custody since they knew who he was but yes, don’t judge Samantha. She was a good mom.”

Even though Green did have scratches and bruises on her body, police say that was the result of spending a couple of nights in the woods and not from a physical confrontation with the person she claims abducted her.

The Yolo County Sheriff Ed Priesto said later on Wednesday,

“Everything right now is so sketchy and it is so difficult from the mere fact that we don’t have any independent witnesses and nobody at this point has come forward to give us any additional information. Any claims that she makes we are going to look into them.”

Nevertheless, Green currently finds herself facing a charge of manslaughter as the police try to establish exactly how her 20-day-old baby died.