Groom Misses Own Wedding After Eating Contaminated Sausage And Egg McMuffin

When it came to the big day, Dylan Lane just couldn't help himself as the nerves and tension built for his forthcoming wedding to Carly Hutchinson, so the husband-to-be decided it was time for a juicy, hot egg and sausage McMuffin from his local McDonald's.

After having consumed the sandwich, which turned out to be contaminated, instead of walking down the aisle, Lane found himself lying in a hospital bed with acute food poisoning.

As a result of missing her wedding day and spending it in her bridal gown at the hospital next to her sick almost husband, Lane is now determined to ensure that McDonalds investigates food preparation and service at the Aldinga branch where Lane purchased the food.

As the disappointed bride-to-be told reporters, sort of jokingly, "He went straight from the vows to vomiting. He was throwing up before the ceremony, but he thought it was nerves. Then he ran for the toilet as soon as the service was done."

Having been rushed to hospital while vomiting, Lane finally returned to his wedding some hours later, "He got back to the reception and sat out the back for a couple of hours slumped over and sick before he was taken home. He was not even able to make his speech as he was too sick," said Mrs Lane.

As well as her husband, Mrs Lane said she knows of three other people who fell ill from eating at that same McDonald's branch since last Friday.

Mrs Lane called the manager of the McDonald's branch on the phone and told reporters, "All we want is for them to ring us back and treat us with some level of respect. I would have been angry about it if it happened on any day, but this was our wedding.''

A spokeswoman for McDonald's Australia released the following statement to the press regarding the contaminated food, "We take food safety very seriously and have strict processes and systems in place. We are currently investigating this with the restaurant and liaising with the customer directly."