Nicolas Batum Handles The Clippers Like A Boss, Trends On Twitter

Nicolas Batum held his reserves for overtime as Portland faced Los Angeles. Who knew he had it in him? Obviously, Twitter fans didn't know. They've voiced tweets.

Nicolas surprised everyone with his devastating blows in overtime, so much to the point he started trending. Batum has been blowing up via Twitter as people continue to let the world know just how great he's doing. Maybe Nic ate a bowl of Wheaties or something, and they didn't kick in until later?

Or Batum could've just found new inspiration to make things happen on the basketball court. When your team is down, and you really care about them and the win, you can find what it takes to make that happen — given that you're not already too far in the hole to make such a comeback. Nicolas felt it wasn't too late — you know, like if you're reading Drake's newest mixtape cover. Possibly Batum was thinking, "If you hear the buzzer, it's too late," which hadn't happened yet.

People from all over are rallying Nicolas on with positive acclaims, unlike the total opposite that he's received in the past.

Who doesn't like positive feedback, right? The amount of boasts Batum's receiving right now is enough to even flatter the humblest of priests. Obviously, it was a good game. Yet, at the same time, there are those who are hating on him as well. However, you know those will come with the territory, so it's to be expected.As can be seen from the tweet, below, Nicolas' trending is being spelled wrong, constantly.And even in this, people are choosing sides. However, it's definitely understandable that — if something or someone is going to trend — people can at least get the name right. It cuts down on so much confusion and headache.

Nevertheless, what did you think of the game? Do you think Nicolas should've played the whole game the way he did in overtime? Share your thoughts.

[Feature Image via Andrew Bernstein/Getty Images]