‘ATL 2’: Isn’t It Too Late For That? Twitter Fans Agree

So, it seems that T.I. wants to make a sequel to ATL. That’s nice and all, but a lot has changed in nearly a decade. Twitter fans think the movie will be a flop.

Honestly, why wait practically 10 years down the road to make a sequel to the 2006 ATL movie? With so many badly-done Part Twos to awesome originals, maybe people should start sending out positive vibes so the Atlanta-based movie could possibly do better than is expected.

What’s the expectation, you might ask? Well, just take a look at the following tweet.

Can we just pay T.I. to not make a ATL 2?

— Marcus Gores (@marcus_Gores) March 5, 2015

Hilarious as that may be, several people have cast similarly opinionated tweets about ATL 2 as well. Sure, every movie has its share of “haters” and those who are opposed. However, this new ATL will need to “come with the thunder,” if it’s to stand the test of the oppositional critics that await its production.

ATL 2 better not be bootleg like stomp the yard 2.

— DK. (@_daijak) March 5, 2015

There are scores of tweets just like these about the upcoming ATL 2. With so many against it, and requesting that the original stay the only version, hopefully T.I. knows what type of crowd he’s up against. Because it’s a sequel, people already look at it with a scrutinizing eye, watching for ways to compare and contrast it to the first ATL. And from the looks of things, there’s going to be a lot of contrasting, rather than the former.

According to T.I.’s IMDb page, the film isn’t even in pre-production yet. So, as of date — even though he did announce it via his Instagram page earlier today — it’s still a rumor until there is technical evidence. Unless it’s going to be one of those straight-to-DVD releases? Hopefully not. That’d already count it as a “fail.”

'ATL 2' Announcement Via TI's Instagram Page - Flop Or Nah
Credits: Tip Harris (T.I.) | Instagram

People tend to remember you by the last things you do, rather than earlier things. It would be a real shame for ATL 2 to be an aching tumor on the city’s name, as well as T.I.’s name.

What do you think? Will the ATL sequel hold up to the original? Or will it be a flop, as many predict?

[Feature Image via Bryan Bedder/Getty Images]