'American Idol' Results: Find Out Which Four Guys Went Home On Wednesday

Nathan Francis

The American Idol results are in, and it's the end of the line already for four male contestants.

In the first live show of the season, the field has already started to narrow with the men's half of the field trimming to 12. [WARNING: American Idol spoilers ahead].

The American Idol results meant elimination for the following four: Michael Simeon, Riley Bria, Savion Wright, and Trevor Douglas.

Fans of Douglas seemed to be taking the news particularly hard.

— Bilbo Baggins (@Olivia3108) March 5, 2015

— Ceara (@Ceara5SOS) March 5, 2015

This year, viewers will notice something very different about the American Idol results. Instead of airing two nights a week, Fox decided to cut it down to one night.

Host Ryan Seacrest told fans about the format change late last year at the Jingle Ball concert in New York City.

"There won't be a 'wait 'til tomorrow night.' There won't be a 'Coming up, coming up, coming up.' We are going to put it all into one format in one night. So that will be exciting," Seacrest said, adding, "[It will be] one night when we get to the final stage, the top ten, there will be one night of performances and results all in one night."

The show had already been moving toward less air time. American Idol had fallen considerably from its ratings peak, and last year the network slashed its results show to 30 minutes.

That's not the only change for American Idol. The show also went back to a three-judge panel, with executive producer Per Blankens saying it makes for a more efficient show.

"I think the show is much better with the three-judge format because it makes the show go quicker," Blankens told Zap2It. "Also, if you have four, you have an even number, so you have to come up with a way of, if it's a split decision, making the decision. So I just love the three-judge format."

But there are still plenty of American Idol results to come. The women will be cutting down to the final 16.