EA: Battlefield 3, FIFA 12 sell over 10 million units, SWTOR going strong

EA posted its Q3 report yesterday, and the publisher boasted impressive sales numbers for several of its titles. EA announced that Battlefield 3 and FIFA 12 both sold over 10 million units each, with Madden NFL 12 selling over 5 million since launching in August.

EA also said in its report that BioWare’s MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic, which launched back in December, has managed to attract a respectable 1.7 million active subscribers since launch day, with over 2 million copies sold so far. EA intends to drive those numbers even further up by introducing SWTOR to other markets, including Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

“We recently announced that on March 1, that we’d be in Australia and New Zealand. It’s all about, as you might imagine, server location down there, but we have a very strong demand from all of our consumers in that particular part of the market,” said investor relations VP Peter Ausnit (via VG247).

“We’re looking at other opportunities to go into Asia as well. But you will see more and more announcements as we roll this title out globally. We want to make sure the level of service is there, and that does require the investment in hardware. But demand is certainly there, and you’re going to hear a lot more about that in the coming weeks.”

Origin, EA’s digital distribution service, also boasted some impressive numbers as well. According to EA, Origin currently has 9.3 million registered users since it launched back in June of last year.