Donald Trump To Endorse Mitt Romney For President

Donald Trump has done it again. This morning the New York Times confirmed that Donald Trump would be endorsing Newt Gingrich for President. Well they were acting on some bad information. The Real Estate Mogul and Apprentice star will be endorsing Mitt Romney in the Republican Primary.

It is said that Trump came to the decision after the thumping that Romney gave to Gingrich in the Florida primary. Romney won that contest by more than double digits.

Pundits are not sure if the endorsement is going to help or hurt Romney. 27% of Republican primary voters said an endorsement by Trump is likely to sway their vote towards one of his opponents. 10% of Republican Primary voters said his endorsement would help. The rest could care less.

Trump has been involved in politics for a while. He even threw his own hat in the ring to try to gain the Republican nomination himself. He suspended his campaign in May. He has recently been floating the idea of rejoining the primary or running as a third party candidate.

Any scenario of Trump running is going to hurt Republicans in their quest to beat Obama in November. Not only is Trump particularly wacky, but he is not so popular among Republican circles.

No one knows for sure how much Trump is worth but it is rumored to be more than $1 Billion dollars and may be closer to $7 billion dollars.

Trump is also well know to the “Birther” movement. A group that claims President Obama is not eligible to be President because he was born in Kenya. Even after President Obama released his birth certificate Trump said it was a fake.

Would an endorsement by Donald Trump make you more or less likely to vote for a candidate?