‘Dying Light’ Is Getting A Free Hard Mode Setting With Next Week’s Update To Accompany New DLC Release

Starting next week, fans of Techland’s zombie title will be able to pick up the second DLC pack for Dying Light, which adds new weapon blueprints and character skins to the game. Also on March 10, the same day that the upcoming add-on will launch, GameSpot reports that a new free Dying Light title update will be released that will give payers access to lots of free in-game content regardless of whether they decide to purchase the DLC or not.

The biggest change included with next Tuesday’s Patch 1.4 for Dying Light will give gamers the option to try out a new hard mode difficulty setting that is designed to provide fans with a more challenging experience. The upcoming Dying Light free update will also offer bigger rewards for beating the game, including more character outfits, weapons, and even a brand-new tier of rarity that will add more powerful equipment.

Dying Light
Dying Light: Ultimate Survival Bundle

Also launching for Dying Light on March 10 will be a new DLC pack titled the Ultimate Survival Bundle. The add-on will grant players access to four exclusive weapon blueprints for new zombie-killing tools. Techland has revealed that the new weapons will be named The Night Club, Buzz Killer, The Constable, and Lacerator. The Ultimate Survival Bundle will also add three new character skins for fans to use in Dying Light.

While Techland has not yet released a comprehensive list of patch notes for Dying Light‘s next update, VG24/7 points out that the developer did state that the download will provide gamers with access to numerous stability tweaks with improvements to performance, balance, and online systems. This will be the first title update made available to Dying Light fans since February’s patch which, as the Inquisitr reported, made it possible for gamers to freely mod the game without being labeled as cheaters.

Dying Light allows players to cooperatively try to survive a zombie outbreak together as they fight to stay alive in the game’s open-world environment by building custom weapons and traversing the map using parkour-style free run abilities. Both Patch 1.4 and the Ultimate Survival Bundle will release next Tuesday. All users will be able to download the update for free, while the DLC will cost $5. Those who already purchased the Dying Light season pass will be able to pick up the add-on for no additional cost.

Do you plan to buy the second DLC for Dying Light or does the upcoming patch contain all the new content that you want?

[Images via Dying Light, VG247]