Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 'Emotional' Pilot Flew Plane Over Hometown For Final Farewell [Theory]

The pilot of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 flew the plane over the island of Penang — the place where he grew up — for a "last emotional look" before he flew the plane into the Indian Ocean, landing the massive Boeing 777-200 on the water and letting it sink intact to the bottom of the ocean, according to a new theory by a senior 777 pilot with a major airline.

As anyone knows who follows the baffling case of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, which disappeared one year ago, on March 8, and hasn't yielded a scrap of evidence as to its whereabouts since, there have been numerous theories regarding the fate of the plane — which is undoubtedly the greatest mystery in the history of commercial aviation.

But unlike virtually all other theories, the investigators in charge of the search for the missing plane deem the theory proposed by Simon Hardy to be "credible."

Hardy said he has spent six solid months researching the plane's disappearance, and based on all available data, says that his calculations have pinpointed exactly where pilot Zaharie Ahmad Shah set Flight 370 down on the water's surface.

The coordinates he came up with are S38.082 E87.400. When entered into Google Maps, the coordinates produce a vast, empty expanse of ocean.

"Despite worldwide interest in his work, nobody — yet — has suggested his calculations are anything but logical and mathematically sound," wrote Flight International Magazine, which published Hardy's findings, and Australian authorities now searching for the plane say that Hardy's coordinates are consistent with their own findings.

But perhaps more intriguing that Hardy's calculations, is his reading of what he calls "perhaps the only clue to the perpetrator," in the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

That clue is a strange and seemingly inexplicable U-turn maneuver that, Hardy says, took the plane directly over the island of Penang.

"It took me months to work out what this was," said Hardy, who added that he came up with his solution when he realized that he, himself, have performed similar maneuvers to get a look from the sky at the famous Ayers Rock natural landmark in Australia.

"I have done the same maneuver there, to look down and get a great view. Somebody was taking a last emotional look at Penang... I thought of this at 5am [sic], went downstairs and researched where the air crew were from. Someone did a nice long turn and looked down on Penang. It's perhaps the only clue to the perpetrator."
The theory that pilot Zaharie Ahmad Shah murdered the passengers on Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, then deliberately flew the plane into the Indian Ocean, landing it on the water, and letting it sink in one piece, is not a new one.

The theory was proposed last August by the authors of the book Goodnight Malaysian 370: The Truth Behind The Loss Of Flight 370. At the time, Malaysia Airlines in a rare public statement lashed back and refuted the allegation that Shah was a suicidal killer.

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