Overweight Dog Slims Down With Diet And Exercise Better Than You [Video]

overweight Dachshund

A video of an overweight dog with an amazing slim down story first surfaced earlier this year. Today, the segment featuring Dennis the dachshund is trending again on MSN’s front page to highlight how obese dogs can lose weight as good as — or better than — humans through diet and exercise. What’s more, one of man’s best friends looks marvelous, compliments of doggy cosmetic surgery.

On the second day of 2015, Uproxx ran a story about this amazing animal and his journey towards losing half of his body weight, which was composed mostly of fat at the time. First of all, it’s important to point out a few things.

According to an article by PetCareRx on how to determine the ideal body weight for your pet dachshund, certain things must be kept in mind. For reference, miniature breeds should be no more than 11 pounds. The target weight for healthy standard dachshunds should be between 16 and 32 pounds. At his peak, Dennis tipped the scales at 56 pounds. As you can see, the overweight dog at the time was morbidly obese for any classification.

“The Dachshund’s body should be lean and muscular with a pronounced arch behind the ribs, leading to the hindquarters. The Dachshund’s chest bone should visibly protrude, with a dimple on each side. If you notice that the fat around the chest covers the breastbone, or that the dog displays a rounded waistline that does not arch upward at the abdomen, your Dachshund is overweight.”

The overweight dog’s owner, Brooklyn Burton, weighed in (pun intended) on her companion’s life before and after a regimen of exercising and dieting. Apparently, the previous owners fed Dennis table scraps or food that was heavy in fat, but lacking in nutrition needed to help the dog stave off weight-gain.

Burton put her beloved on a strict diet tailored for weight-loss and encouraged him to take part in activities that raised his heart rate and metabolism. The end result: the once-obese dachshund lost 43 pounds. He even got a tummy tuck to remove the folded skin from obesity.

Today, he weighs in at only a trim 13 pounds. What is more, the dog has an abundance of energy, looks forward to wholesome treats, and can do something he couldn’t when he had a barrel chest that brushed the ground: gallop up and down a flight of stairs. Imagine that?

Check out the video above of the overweight dog. If you need inspiration to help with your weight-loss journey, press play and dust off the treadmill.

[Photo credit: Facebook via News Everyday]