'The Walking Dead' Season 5 Spoilers: Norman Reedus Teases Crazy Finale

The Walking Dead fans need to break out the tissues! Norman Reedus, who plays fan favorite Daryl Dixon on the hit AMC zombie series, just dropped some big spoilers about the Season 5 finale, and viewers may not like what he had to say.

According to ComicBook.com, Reedus revealed during a recent interview that The Walking Dead Season 5 finale is going to be a big one, and will leave some viewers in tears, and other screaming at their television sets about the story line.

Of course, fans immediately jump to the conclusion that someone, perhaps more than one person, will die. Rumors have been flying that Glenn, Maggie, Sasha, Michone, Rosita, Eugene, Tara, Noah, and even Abraham could be the next to bite the dust.

However, fans never know when or if to expect the character of Daryl to die, and if the finale is that big and upsetting then perhaps we should all be worried about Mr. Dixon's character. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, The Walking Dead Season 5 finale has been extended to 90 minutes, meaning that there will be 30 extra minutes in the show to which viewers will get a more in depth look at whatever it is will happening at the time.

Again, this worries fans that a huge character will die on the episode, and since The Walking Dead's motto has always been "no one is safe," it could really be anyone short of Rick, the main character.

Recently fans have seen the deaths of Hershel, The Governor, Lizzie, Mika, Bob, Beth, and Tyreese, and are always expecting that anyone could die at any time. The show has become such a huge hit that fans have gathered online in masses to give their opinions on what may happen next and who could be the next to die.

The International Business Times reports that as of late, the comic book character of Negan has been mentioned, as many fans know Negan is perhaps the worst of The Walking Dead villains, and actually kills the beloved character of Glenn by bashing his head in with a baseball bat covered in barbed wire, which he calls Lucille.

Will Negan be introduced during the Season 5 finale, and if so, does that mean the demise of Glenn is near? Not exactly. The show has been known to give different characters story lines from the comic books, meaning that someone else may suffer Glenn's comic book fate, but who? Noah, perhaps, as he's a bit of a weak character. Hopefully, it's not Daryl because fans and the internet may never recover otherwise.

What are your thoughts on Norman Reedus' spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 5 finale?

[Image Credit: AMC]