California High School Students Return To Class After Finding Photography Teacher, Jillian Jacobson, Hanging From Classroom Ceiling

Classes have resumed at El Dorado High School after students and staff discovered the body of a well-liked photography teacher, Jillian Jacobson, hanging from a classroom ceiling.

According to the Huffington Post, the tragic event took place early Tuesday morning, just before classes started. Jacobson’s photography students were trying to enter the classroom when they realized the door was locked. Believing the teacher might have been late, several of her students decided to go to the classroom next door so that another teacher could open the door.

When the El Dorado High School teacher unlocked the door, the last thing the teacher and students expected to see was 31-year-old photography teacher Jillian Jacobson hanging from the classroom ceiling.

According to students, teachers were heard screaming, “Oh my God, oh my God!” after finding the teacher hanging from the ceiling.

Several teachers at El Dorado High School teachers immediately got her down from the ceiling while staff member Melanie called 911.

When paramedics arrived, CPR was performed, but it was too late. Jacobson was already in full cardiac arrest by the time they arrived and was pronounced dead at the scene. Although a suicide note was never found, California police has ruled the death of El Dorado High School photography teacher a suicide.

Placentia police Lt. Eric Point stated that the “preliminary investigation indicates it was a suicide.”

Point also stated as follows.

“She appears to have committed suicide prior to the start of school at some point in time.”

Jacobson’s 34-year-old husband was notified upon her death.

“These are kids who were particularly close to this teacher,” said Assistant Superintendent Candy Plahy. “Coming in and finding your teacher is no longer alive is traumatic. They need support.”

Before taking her own life, Jacobson’s father, Richard Prisbrey, committed suicide at the age of 55, four years earlier. She was open about her father’s death with her students, and even wanted to prevent her students from taking that route. She held a “week-long session on depression,” according to LAist, and told her students to “never commit suicide and seek help.”

Jacobson’s bio at El Dorado High School reads “My goal every summer is to give campers an experience they will always remember, and to send them home with art work they will be proud of for years to come.” And underneath her profile picture it read, “Today is a great day to take a picture!”

Although classes have resumed, it was reported by USA Today that Jillian Jacobson’s classroom will remain vacant for the rest of the school year. However, as a tribute to the popular high school teacher, notes and flowers were placed in front of her door.

[Image via El Dorado High School]