Lil Wayne ‘Tally’ Show Builds Tour: Big Sean A #FWA Hint?

Things are changing fast with Lil Wayne lately, and it can be difficult to keep up with all of the news about him. Fans that stay on top of information about Lil Wayne have to juggle the upcoming tour, the battle with his label, a promised album that is supposed to be done in less than 6 weeks, and a wide range of news from his personal life. Lil Wayne has also given about one interview per week over the course of 2015.

The latest Lil Wayne information that shows he is making a comeback from his battles with Cash Money and Birdman is that his tour is expanding. It was recently announced that Lil Wayne would be performing in two other locations, but now Tallahassee, Florida, has also been added. Adding tour dates is only one of many plans that Lil Wayne has coming up for the month of March as the tension builds for his #FWA, A.K.A. Free Weezy Album that he says is about to drop.

Another stream of news that Lil Wayne fans follow is a catchphrase of his called “sorry for the wait.” This phrase has been recently uploaded on SoundCloud from Chief Keef. Could it be a sign of what is to come on Lil Wayne’s #FWA album? Lil Wayne promised that he would be touring in 2015 and working continuously until #FWA was released, according to a recent Rolling Stone interview. Lil Wayne expects that #FWA will be released at some point in March.

Since that interview in late February, Lil Wayne has been all over the place. Somewhere between working “12 hours a day” (according to Rolling Stone) on the new #FWA, he has had time to support his family. According to Pitchfork, Lil Wayne got his daughter, Reginae Carter, a Ferrari and a BMW for her 16th birthday bash in late February that was shown on MTV’s My Super Sweet 16. Obviously, a lot is going well in his world, and the fight with Birdman and Cash Money isn’t slowing Lil Wayne down.

But where are the hints about the new #FWA album from Lil Wayne? With so much anticipation over him finally releasing a full album for the first time in over two years, a few Instagram photos with #FWA tagged do not feel like enough.

Details about when the album will be released and who Lil Wayne will perform with on it are of paramount concern to fans. At this point, in a scramble for clue crumbs, anything can look appetizing. For example, Lil Wayne was recently quoted by MTV as saying that, “he thinks Big Sean is one of the best rappers.” Is this an example of Lil Wayne dropping hints to his fans about who might be included on #FWA? It is hard to tell.

For now, all we do know is that Lil Wayne adding Tallahassee to his tour roster is a promising sign that at least some of his recent promises to fans are being fulfilled. For fans looking for an expected release date on the #FWA, one hint is that Lil Wayne’s first tour date is Friday, March 13. Could Lil Wayne release the entire #FWA before or on March 13 to officially kick off the tour? No confirmations have been released yet. We only have Lil Wayne’s Instagram from March 4 with the caption “Still waiting #FWA.”

SongKick has a verified account for Lil Wayne, and they show his tour dates as March 13 in Kansas City, Missouri, and April 4 in Biloxi, Mississippi. The newest added tour date for Lil Wayne is Friday, March 20, in “Tally” Tallahassee, Florida, at the Coliseum.

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