Brittney Brewer: Bride Dies Two Days After Dream Wedding, Heartfelt Love Story Goes Viral

On Feb. 14, Brittney Brewer married the love of her life, Jared Brewer. The couple had a two-year love affair before tying the knot. According to the Daily Mail, Brittney and Jared met back in April of 2012 while working at the Portland Corrections Department. Then, Jared decided to take the next step in their relationship. On June 28, 2014, he proposed, and of course, Brittney said “Yes.”

They began planning their dream wedding in August of last year, but their happy lives took a devastating turn when Brittney was diagnosed with small-cell cervical cancer. Then, to make matters worse, doctors reportedly estimated that she had only a 30 percent chance of surviving the aggressive cancer.

According to People, they initially planned to tie the knot on Feb. 27, but unfortunately, Brittney’s grim prognosis left many to wonder whether she’d live to see that day. So, she and Jared decided to push their wedding day up so that she could live out her dream. Brittney also shared her thoughts about moving up their wedding date in her blog titled, My Love Story. She refused to waste precious moments.

“The cancer only opened our eyes to how short life can be and how we shouldn’t waste any moments,” Brittney said in her blog. “So we decided not to.”

The couple chose to wed on Valentine’s Day before an estimated 200 guests and their dream wedding at the chapel inside of Maine Medical Center went off without a hitch.

“She still wanted to have a big party to celebrate life and see everybody for probably the last time, unfortunately,” Jared Brewer told People.

But, unfortunately just days after their memorable day, their marital bliss was cut short. On Feb. 16, two days after their wedding day, Brittney lost her battle with cancer. Although the family was aware of her life expectancy, of course, her untimely death still a devastating and disheartening experience. She’d just gotten married to her “best friend,” and her life was cut short at a time when she should have been living life to the fullest. Luckily, one of her biggest dreams did come to fruition — she was able to marry Jared and celebrate the momentous occasion with close relatives and friends.

Jared’s sister, Janessa Brewer, took to Facebook with a lengthy, heartfelt post announcing the death of her new sister-in-law. The heartwarming post touched on Brittney’s cancer battle. Janessa recounted the last months of her 10 months of Brittney’s life, expressing how much she admired her will to fight until the end.

“Unfortunately not everyone wins their battle with cancer… Brittney put up one h**l of a fight but this disease was aggressive and rare. The doctors were nothing but exceptional when it came to fighting back… They did everything in their power to stop the progression of her cancer… But God wanted her in the worst way. The disease overpowered her body to the point of fatality. 10 months is all the time the cancer allowed her to have… These 10 months have had their share of ups and downs, but Brittney never let anyone see her pain. She was always the most upbeat and positive person. While Brittney may not have won her battle with cancer she will live on forever within our hearts! Jared was able to give her the wedding of her dreams and she enjoyed every minute of it! Brittney was a living, breathing angel… who now has her wings! We love you sweet girl! Rest in peace dear sister, you have taught me so much about life, I cannot express the gratitude I have towards you, you will never be forgotten! Always and forever in our hearts….- J [all sic]”

Janessa has also launched a GoFundMe account in an effort to cover medical expenses. According to the GoFundMe page, her funeral is scheduled for Saturday, Mar. 7, at Windham Assembly of God in Windham, Maine. Brittney Brewer’s love story has also gone viral.

[Image(s) via Facebook]