Ben Carson: Homosexuality Is By Choice

While Ben Carson stated he believes issues like same-sex marriage should be decided at the state level, he attracted attention with his contention that homosexuality is a choice, CNN reported today. Ben Carson appeared on on New Day with Chris Cuomo on CNN.

Cuomo asked Carson if being gay is a matter of choice, and he said “Absolutely,” and added to that, “Because a lot of people who go into prison straight – and when they come out, they’re gay. So, did something happen while they were in there? Ask yourself that question.”

Ben Carson believes that argument “thwarts” the idea that homosexuality is not a choice. Carson also pointed out that believes individuals in same-sex relationships can be granted legal rights enjoyed by married couples without their relationships being called marriages. Some have proposed called such arrangements for same-sex couples “civil unions” instead of marriages.

“Carson also said he believes the issue of allowing or restricting same-sex marriage should be decided on the state level, rather than by federal courts — even as the Supreme Court prepares to take up a case this spring that could legalize gay marriage nationwide,” CNN report on Ben Carson’s views on same-sex marriage.

The Washington Post reports that experts dispute Ben Carson’s claim that some go into prison straight and come out as homosexuals. Carson also rejected the comparison, by Cuomo, of state laws based on race to those based on sexual preference.

“The fundamental assumption of the analogy he’s using is insane,” said Helen Eigenberg, professor of criminal justice at the University of Tennessee, quoted by the Washington Post, who has been studying sexuality and incarceration for about 25 years. “I don’t know of any research that substantiates the [claim] that men go to prison and come out gay. There’s no data to support that claim,” she said about the claim by Ben Carson.

Ben Carson has been very outspoken in his views on many issues, and because of that has been attacked by those he says are expecting him to be “politically correct” in his views on the issues of the day. Carson has repeated condemned what he calls the political correctness of the left that has often criticized his conservative views, especially his more socially conservative views on homosexuality, gay rights, and same-sex marriage.

The Inquisitr reported earlier that Ben Carson stated people go into prison and come out gay.

“During the show, Carson became caught up in an argument about same sex marriage when the host made a comparison to slavery and other civil rights struggles. Ben argued that the two were incomparable because of his belief that sexuality is not biologically inherent, but a choice. Caron’s defense centered around the culture of otherwise straight men engaging in sex with each other in prison,” the Inquisitr reported.

[Image of Ben Carson from Scott Olson/Getty Images]