IHOP Shooting: 3 Shot Outside Fort Worth Restaurant Parking Lot

Three people were shot outside a Fort Worth IHOP on Tuesday night. It all started when a fight broke out at the International House of Pancakes restaurant, according to WFAA. The fight then led into the parking lot, where shots were fired and three people were injured. Witnesses ran inside to hide and to call police.

Witness Jade Smith told WFAA that the Fort Worth IHOP was crowded with families and individuals that evening. They were obviously taking advantage of the free pancakes offered on National Pancake Day. Their peaceful and happy evening quickly turned into a dangerous and deadly night. Smith exclaimed her fright on that very evening.

“I was very, very afraid, I was just like under the table, like just holding him real tight… like up under me. Cause I didn’t know if the gunmen was gonna run in… cause like so many people was coming in… and I heard people say ‘oh he’s shot, he’s shot.’ “

The IHOP shooting reportedly happened around 10 p.m. Tuesday. A fight took place between people in the restaurant parking lot and at the Navy Food Mart. Gunshots rang out from both locations, according to police. It’s not known whether or not this shooting was gang related.

One of the victims, a 20-year-old man, is currently hospitalized and in stable condition. Two 17-year-olds that were also shot are also reported to be in stable condition. Police are now questioning a man that was seen driving away from the IHOP parking lot during the shooting.

The Star-Telegram also reported that police officers saw a man driving away from the shooting. Detectives stated that they don’t know whether or not he was involved in the IHOP shooting, but he was later arrested on the suspicion of unlawful carrying of a weapon among other charges, according to Officer Daniel Segura. She made a public statement via email on Wednesday morning.

This isn’t the only IHOP shooting that’s been reported in the news. Three years ago, the Inquisitr reported that two people died from a shooting at a Carson City, Nevada, location. The unidentified man shot eight people before eventually taking his own life.

The man reportedly wore a red shirt during the shooting. He pulled up to the IHOP restaurant in a blue minivan, according to the Inquisitr report. He then shot and killed a man who was climbing onto his motorcycle before shooting the remainder of the people at the scene. Witnesses told police that the gunman arrived at the IHOP at 9 a.m. before he started shooting at random.

[Image: Mike Mozart]