Selena Gomez Struggles With Being Famous, Friends Say

Selena Gomez appears to have it all these days. She just released her greatest hits album. Selena has also collaborated with Zedd on their new single “I Want You To Know.” The former Disney star is also dating the German DJ and producer. It would seem that Selena is living life right now, but her friends tell a different story.

Apparently, all of the fame is taking a toll on Gomez, according to a Sugarscape report. Her strange behavior reemerged when she “sunk to the floor outside the party, looking disheveled,” according to the report. Gomez was looking distraught after the Vanity Fair Oscars party last weekend.

One of Selena’s friends also spoke to Closer magazine about her bizarre behavior. He said, “Selena’s behavior after the Vanity Fair party raised a few eyebrows, and friends worry she may be struggling a bit in the spotlight. She’s still a young girl, and the showbiz world can be crazy. She’s rarely spent a moment out of the limelight.”

The friend added that Gomez’s behavior has to do with Justin Bieber, and their on-again, off-again relationship. The source added: “Selena was broken hearted when things ended with Justin, and misses his support. She is now moving on, but she’s finding it hard to cut ties completely.”

Several reports tell a different story these days. Selena and Zedd are apparently so happy and in love, that they want to help Taylor Swift find her “soul mate.” The cute couple has been busy trying to fix up the “Blank Space” singer.

Taylor has been there for Gomez’s rocky relationship with Bieber. Now, Gomez feels that it’s “her turn to be Taylor’s rock.”

“Selena is determined to help Taylor find her soul mate. She’s talked to Zedd about introducing Taylor to some of his friends and he’s totally into helping Selena play Cupid. Selena has been really supportive of Taylor and feels like it’s now her turn to be her rock.”

Gomez knows Swift better than anyone else, so she knows she can find the right guy for her. In fact, she already has the perfect guy in mind.

“She thinks Taylor would be better suited with a European guy and someone who is already successful in their career.”

Taylor Swift may have her eyes on another DJ and producer. She was seen flirting with Calvin Harris after the BRIT Awards last week. The two were reportedly flirting with one another, even though Calvin already has a girlfriend.

What are your thoughts on Selena Gomez? Do you think she’s struggling with fame?

[Image: croc122/Flickr]