Ben Carson Moves Closer To Presidential Campaign

Dr. Ben Carson has taken the next step toward running for president in 2016 by creating an exploratory committee, NBC News has reported. Ben Carson placed fourth in the CPAC straw poll last week and hundreds of thousands have signed a petition demanding he run for president in 2016. In forming the committee, Dr. Carson has also released a video on his new web site announcing the effort.

“With the launch of this web site, I formally establish what is called a presidential exploratory committee to examine whether I should become a candidate for president of the United States,” NBC News quotes Carson from the video. “In so doing, I very much need and look forward to your feedback and help.”

Ben Carson, who grew up in inner-city Detroit, said in the video, “If I run for president, it will be because I know what it’s like to grow up in a tough neighborhood and feel marginalized. If I run, it will be because I know firsthand that quality education is the ladder to climb out of poverty and dependence.”

The exploratory committee was announced by Carson’s campaign chief executive, Terry Giles, on Monday, the Wall Street Jnournal reported. Ben Carson has never run for public office before, and is seeking to attract support from voters seeking an alternative to the more politically connected candidates. Ben Carson has placed near the top in several polls of Republican candidates for 2016.

“Mr. Carson, 63 years old, is one of the first would-be 2016 Republican candidates to form a formal committee devoted to raising money to explore a presidential bid. He has made a number of hires lately, including a national finance director and aides in several early voting states, who work for his political-action committee, a technically separate entity. With the exploratory committee, Mr. Carson can raise money that he can transfer to his campaign once it begins,” the Wall Street Journal reported.

The Journal reports that Giles said Ben Carson is likely to formally announce his presidential candidacy in May.

Ben Carson had been considering a run for president earlier this year, the Inquisitr had reported. Carson had gained support from many after a speech he gave at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington D.C. in early 2013.

“As talk of the 2016 presidential election ramps up, many wonder if Dr. Ben Carson will join the bid to be the next Commander-in-Chief. Recently, a video surfaced from the 2013 National Prayer Breakfast in which Dr. Carson skillfully criticized President Barack Obama’s policies. It’s this archival footage that many conservatives claim will be the calling card for Republicans to take back the White House,” the Inquisitr reported.

Will Ben Carson actually run for president? We will soon know.

[Image of Dr. Ben Carson from the Wall Street Journal]