‘RHOBH’ Blog: Lisa Vanderpump Agrees With Brandi Glanville?

In her RHOBH blog, Lisa Vanderpump discussed the latest happenings of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and revealed she partially agrees with something her co-star, Brandi Glanville, said about last night’s episode.

On March 4, Vanderpump took to her RHOBH blog, telling fans she didn’t believe her co-stars were as innocent as they may have seemed, when it came to using marijuana.

“I do understand to some extent what Brandi is saying regarding hypocrisy. If you do it, own it, but in all the years I have known Kyle, I don’t ever recall seeing her smoking. Brandi persisted, but the caveat here is we are all too often the victims of her behavior. When she drinks, things often become aggressive…as you will see next week.”

Ahead of her RHOBH blog, Vanderpump watched as her co-star, Glanville, accused Kyle Richards of smoking pot when the cameras were not around. The incident took place in Amsterdam as the ladies sat down at a coffee shop. While discussing the issue of marijuana cake, Richards appeared turned off at the idea of using drugs. However, Glanville said she’s witnessed Richards using the drug before.

The comment was certainly uncalled for and “aggressive,” as Vanderpump pointed out in her RHOBH blog, but Glanville made no apologies.

Although Glanville may have been telling truth regarding her co-star, there was no need to call her out on a show her children likely watch, and Vanderpump, despite her “understanding” the comment in her RHOBH blog, believed it was meant to embarrass.

“Let us not sit in the middle of this bar and start hurling accusations designed to embarrass.”

Also in her RHOBH blog, Vanderpump spoke of Kim Richards’ accusations regarding Lisa Rinna’s “situation at home.” According to Vanderpump, Richards’ statement was completely ridiculous and irrelevant, but unfortunately, Rinna didn’t skip over it as she probably should have.

“I was absolutely of the mind that it was empty rhetoric, designed to incite Lisa. But Lisa reacted to it. Lisa took the bait, and therefore became somewhat culpable in this whole scenario.”

While Vanderpump may have agreed with Glanville in her RHOBH blog, she didn’t agree with Glanville’s comparison of her marriage to prostitution, and, as the Inquisitr reported, took to Twitter on March 4 to slam her for the shocking comment.

Glanville’s RHOBH blog has yet to be posted.

[Photo via Twitter]