Nightmarishly Strong Spider Escapes Toilet Bowl, Assuring You Will Always Check

An Australian man recently found a large spider hiding in his toilet, and its incredible display of strength in escaping the porcelain bowl is nothing short of every arachnophobe’s worst nightmare.

The frighteningly large spider was filmed fighting for its life recently, before the video made its way to the Facebook wall of Barry Morrissey, according to the Daily Mail. In the clip, the spider appears from under the lip of the toilet bowl, swept away by flowing water almost as soon as the cameraman flushes it. The spider seems to be just seconds from death by drowning, though as the water continues to batter it, the super-strong arachnid fights desperately. Clinging to the bowl for its life, the spider, thought to be a Huntsman, attempts to climb the side of the toilet.

As the water flows, the spider floats, curled up in a ball and appearing to have lost its battle. After just a moment, however, the arachnid pops back to life, attempting once more to save itself. Pummeled by falling water, the spider is forced under the surface before finding its footing, succeeding in pulling itself to relative safety. The spider eventually finds its way back under the lip of the toilet bowl, exhausted and hiding.

The spider is hardly the first of its kind to terrify the internet this week. Recently, a farmer in Australia filmed a redback spider doing battle with an eastern brown snake. As the Inquisitr previously reported, the man watched incredulously as the spider snared the juvenile snake, lifting its tail and tossing the unsuspecting animal into its web. When the witness returned the next day, he found the snake had fallen victim to the spider’s venomous bite.

Huntsman spiders are an interesting breed, found throughout warmer climates worldwide. Instead of building a web to ensnare their prey, like other spiders, the Huntsman literally stalks and hunts down its food, a unique habit responsible for the arachnid’s name. As Livescience points out, the Huntsman spider also possesses unique leg joints, which allow it to move like a crab. Incredibly fast, Huntsman spiders can at times sprint a meter per second.

It is not known how well the spider fared after its escape from the toilet was filmed.

[Image: Barry Morrissey via the Daily Mail]