Waist Trainer Love On Instagram: Waist Training Cinchers, Girdles, And Corsets Become Big Business For Shapewear Sales

To give you an idea of how popular waist trainers have become, Google reports that the term “waist trainer” gets searched for 135,000 times per month, with “waist training” following up close behind it at 110,000 monthly searches. Simply plopping the term “waist site:instagram.com” into Google turned up all the celebrities and everyday folks who are praising their “waist cincher” (49,500 searches per month) or “girdle” (33,100 for the word) for giving them back the slim middle they had pre-baby, or one they’ve never had before.

Imagine the sales when someone like Khloe Kardashian posts an Instagram photo to her 18.3 million followers, praising the Waist Gang Society “waist training corset” (33,100 searches for that term) — ones that WhatsAWaist says can run $130 each. Selling 100 of those suckers in one month would bring in $13,000 in gross sales alone for what appears to be a one-woman shop run by Miami-based entrepreneur “Premadonna,” as reported by the Inquisitr, about the woman at the helm of Waist Gang Society, a person Khloe Kardashian met during her weight loss journey two years ago.

With Kim Kardashian praising the same waist shaper (12,100 monthly searches) on Instagram to her 27.3 million followers, one suspects that the sales numbers could hover a lot higher than 100 per month. Indeed, Ruben Soto says sales of his waist trainers are up 250 percent, reports USA Today, with the Hourglass Angel president pegging the $54 Amia waist cincher as his most popular. The term “waist trainers,” by the way, gets 9,900 monthly searches on Google, while the search engine reports “waist trainer corset” and “waist training corsets” also get 9,900 searches per month each.

Ka’Oir Fitness is another popular Instagram account, offering a reduced waist via trainers, along with sites like Girly Curves, pumped on Instagram by Jenni JWOWW of Jersey Shore fame, who not only points her fans to the Girly Curves site — a place that offers butt enhancing panties and even waist shapers for men — but also offers her Instagram followers 10 percent discount codes and such. Another waist trimmer (6,600 searches per month) seller making noise is No Waist Society, brought to fame when stars like Toya Wright pubbed their gear. And don’t leave out Kim Zolciak, whose latest Instagram post repping the “No Waist Clique” Instagram page — which points to the No Waist Society website in their Instagram description — has brought comments about Kim’s waist looking super small, reports the Daily Mail.

Either way, the proof of the popularity of these modern-day shapers are in the proverbial pudding — and the search numbers. Google says “how to measure waist” gets 8,100 monthly searches, the same amount as those queries for “waist to hip ratio,” “corset waist training,” “waist training before and after,” and “corset training” each month. And while “girdles” still holds strong at 6,600 monthly queries, the proof of our obsession with our middles is witnessed by the “waist trimmer” and “how to get a smaller waist” terms that also garner the same amount of searches.

[Image via Kim Zolciak Instagram waist trainer photo]