‘Bachelorette’ Andi Dorfman Is On The Move, Leaves Georgia For New York City [Updated]

Bachelorette star Andi Dorfman is making big changes in her life, but apparently, those changes do not include a refreshed romance with runner-up Nick Viall. Though Andi was a lawyer in Atlanta when she started her journey on “Bachelor Nation,” it looks like she’s changing things up. What’s the latest?

Though rumors had started swirling that Andi Dorfman and Nick Viall were dating now that she’s broken up with Josh Murray, it seems there is no truth to that one. She’s denied it, and Reality Steve says that despite some tabloid rumors and the fact the two were spotted at the same bar recently when she visited Chicago, Andi and Nick are not dating. Steve adds that Andi was not in Chicago to see Nick and there is no second round of love going on between these two.

Andi is, however, doing something that will surely generate some buzz. Though she hasn’t revealed all of the specifics yet, it seems she is on the move and leaving Georgia behind. Where is she headed? She hasn’t said where quite yet, but many are likely willing to bet that she’s headed to Los Angeles, or perhaps New York, to try her hand at the entertainment industry. If that is how this move plays out, the former Bachelorette will likely catch some flack for it.

Dorfman tweeted, “Bags are checked, ready to go! One way ticket to my new home.. But I’ll always be a Georgia Peach! #bittersweet #newchapter.”

The former Bachelorette has always had close ties to Georgia. Her family is there and it is where she worked as a lawyer before doing Juan Pablo Galavis’ season of The Bachelor and then her own season last spring.

Andi also has good friends in Atlanta, including Kelly Travis from her season with Juan Pablo. Andi’s big announcement is a little interesting, too, in that she had just excitedly tweeted about fellow Bachelor pal Christy Hansen moving to Atlanta as well. However, it seems some sort of opportunity has come about that is enticing Dorfman away.

Many have theorized over the past year that ultimately, Andi had her eye on the entertainment business, and this big move isn’t going to do anything to dampen the talk at this point. Many of Andi’s followers were quick to ask where she is headed, but it seems she’s not quite ready to let fans in on her destination quite yet.

Andi’s ex-fiance Josh Murray has been making changes too. He tweeted earlier in the week about moving and how challenging it is to do by himself, and he tweeted about heading to Dallas, Texas at almost the same time that Andi tweeted about heading to the airport.

When Andi chatted with Chris Harrison for a Bachelor special recently, she indicated that she and Josh are not on good terms right now. It would certainly be interesting yet awkward if they ran into one another at the airport as they both hit the friendly skies.

Has Bachelorette Andi Dorfman landed an entertainment gig of some sort in Los Angeles or New York, or has she thrown herself into some new type of opportunity in a location that is simply giving her a fresh take on life? She definitely has fans who would love to see an entertainment gig happen and many will be anxiously waiting for her to reveal more news regarding her plans.

Updated: Just as Life & Style shared that their sources indicated that Andi Dorfman was relocating to New York City, the former Bachelorette herself confirmed it via Twitter. Once she landed she shared a photo and said it’s both scary and exhilarating. Fans will certainly be curious to see what she tackles next.

[Photo by Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images]