Why Did Nathan Matthews Allegedly Kill His Step-Sister, Becky Watts? Facebook Post From 16-Year-Old’s Brother Speaks Of Disgust

The arrest of Nathan Matthews, 28, for his involvement in the death of of his 16-year-old step-sister, Becky Watts, along with a total of seven people charged in the kidnapping and murder case, has sent shockwaves throughout the community of the popular teenager, reports the Daily Mail‎. Also arrested were Shauna Phillips, 21, girlfriend to Nathan, whom neighbors called a “pleasant chap” hailing from the Army – with the Bristol Post talking to neighbors who’ve called Matthews and Phillips a quiet couple that kept to themselves and hung out together often, statements that lead to their shock and dismay at learning of Nathan’s possible involvement in the death of Becky now that Nathan and Shauna are part of the group arrested for the crime. Prior to her arrest, Shauna posted plenty of messages on Facebook about Becky, reports the publication, appealing for help for Becky.

Matthews’ Facebook page, meanwhile, claims he served time in the British army, reports the Guardian. In the wake of Nathan’s arrest along with others, it’s the Facebook page of Becky’s 20-year-old brother, Dan Galsworthy, that’s getting attention. In the Facebook story, Galsworthy posted an emotional response to the news 16 hours ago — at approximately 8:40 p.m. ET on Tuesday, March 3, expressing his shock at Matthews’ arrest, especially in light of of the fact that he considered Nathan his brother.

“The fact that I grew & looked up this man and called him brother really disgusts me to my core. Have been deceived and betrayed by people I thought I knew and will never forget it, this has left a deep hole in my heart and will continue to haunt me. To everyone messaging and supporting me I haven’t replied to any messages because I simply have no words, I thank you all and deeply appreciate everyone’s support. Love to you all.”

Matthews, a delivery driver, shares a two-year-old child with Phillips, and after dismembered body parts where found at a house in Bristol, police have been given more time to question the duo, reports the Guardian, in hopes of answering the question on plenty of shocked minds in the community that simply want to know why such a horror occurred.

According to the Daily Mail, the publication has published the initial photo from Facebook of Matthews with Phillips at a dress-up party, accompanied by Darren on the left — who is Becky’s father — and Darren’s wife, who is Matthews’s mother, Anjie, also shown in the Facebook photo. As reported by the Inquisitr, Watts was last seen on February 19, 2015.

[Image via Facebook of Nathan Matthews and Shauna Philips (on the right)]