Egyptian Couple Throws ISIS-Themed Wedding, Complete With Cage

An Egyptian couple has raised eyebrows by hosting an ISIS-themed wedding, complete with knives, guns, and a cage, and posting the video on social media, The Mirror is reporting.

In the video, guests dressed as ISIS terrorists, holding fake knives, escort the couple into a cage – recalling the cage in which Jordanian pilot Muath al’Kasaesbeh was burned alive by ISIS militants last month – as a Muslim hymn popular in ISIS propaganda videos is played.

The wedding photographer who posted the video, identified as Ahmed Kassem, says that he wanted to give the guests a wedding they would never forget.

“The idea came to me two weeks before the wedding, because I wanted to do something different for the wedding night, especially to traditional ideas. I thought about it in a different way because of the ISIS events. The night will not be forgotten by everyone.”

The groom, identified as Ahmed Shehata, 25, arranged for friends and relatives to dress up as ISIS militants and pretend to “kidnap” the bride and take her to the cage, according to The Guardian.

The bride, 23-year-old Shaimaa Deif, said that she knew a surprise was coming. She just wasn’t sure what it would be.

“I knew there would be a surprise. But I never imagined that the surprise would be like that.”

Deif admits that she was panicked at first on seeing the “ISIS militants” storm her wedding, but as the hymn faded into a dance track and the men pulled off their balaclavas and revealed their true identities, she realized her leg had been pulled.

Deif believes the prank sends a message to the real ISIS.

“The cage you’re scaring us with, we are dancing inside it.”

Once the footage of the wedding hit social media (you can see the original Facebook post with the video here (if it hasn’t been taken down yet)), many Egyptians were not amused, calling it “in poor taste.” In Egypt, the threat of ISIS is moving closer to home by the day; 21 Egyptian Christians were killed in Libya last month, and some 30 Egyptian soldiers were killed by an ISIS-affiliated group in northern Egypt earlier this month.

Shehata says that his wedding prank sends a message to ISIS that Egyptians will not be cowed by extremists.

“Whatever happens because of this [massacre], you are not going to scare us. We will scare you, because our enjoyment, our happiness and our weddings will continue whatever you do.”

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[Image courtesy of: The Mirror]