Chris Harrison Hints Of Major ‘Bachelor’ Changes: Could Be A Celebrity Twist

Chris Harrison has been the host of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette for years. When the shows first started, it was just regular people showing up to auditions in hopes of being matched with a person they could spend the rest of their lives with. Every season, it would be a brand new person with a brand new group of people fighting for the chance at love. In the beginning, there was no connection between the seasons. The only connection was Harrison.

But Chris Harrison and producers changed up the format and began inviting rejects back for a second chance at love. Sometimes the contestants felt humiliated, especially if they were left standing without a proposal, so producers felt it was a nice gesture to give them a second chance. But now, the format may see another shake-up.

According to a new Wetpaint Entertainment report, Chris Harrison is now revealing that he is very open to having celebrities and athletes on the show. Now, don’t expect Bradley Cooper to come on The Bachelor. A-list celebrities may change people’s motives when they audition. But Chris is open to the idea of having somewhat famous people join the show. Harrison has helped many people find love, and Chris believes that famous people need love too.

“I do think we could loosen it to find an athlete or a celebrity,” Chris Harrison has revealed about the future of the franchise, adding, “It would have to be the right person, because you have to believe and trust the fact that this is sincere. And that this person really wants to meet somebody and find someone special.”

Of course, Harrison has been a part of The Bachelor for years and he wants the integrity of the show to remain intact. Chris doesn’t want to add celebrities as a publicity stunt. Plus, the franchise doesn’t need to do anything drastic to increase ratings. Chris Harrison has a way of making people tune in to “the most dramatic season yet” every year.

“You can’t do it as a stunt. Stunts don’t work for our show…. It has to be based in sincerity and the fact that they really want to find someone to love,” Harrison adds.

Earlier last week, Kris Jenner’s name came up as a possible contestant on The Bachelorette. According to the Inquisitr, it would be too much to have her because men may just want her money, not her. It was Jenner’s friendships with the producers and Chris Harrison that had her name connected to the show. Plus, one has to wonder if a celebrity would want to be involved in the drama that goes on. Surely, Jenner doesn’t want her personal issues aired.

Do you think Chris Harrison’s suggestion of using an athlete would work?

[Image via ABC]