Hilarious Video As Man Caught With Another Man’s Wife Escapes From Building

A man, who is apparently of German descent, had allegedly been having sex with another man’s wife and had to make a speedy exit from the building. He does so to the sound of tumultuous cheers, shouting, and hooting coming from the street below.

There are no details about exactly where this all happened, but the results captured on video are extremely funny.

According to Zimeye and from what can be seen in the video itself, the wife’s husband had apparently come home and the couple were seen to be arguing loudly on the apartment balcony. While the couple are arguing and the wife is throwing clothing down into the street, the crowds down below cheer and hoot.

While all this is going on, the man, wearing only his tighty whities and who had reportedly been having sex with the other man’s wife, climbs out of the bedroom window. The man then attempts to precariously make his way down to the pavement using sheets or curtains as a rope.

Eventually, the man just lets go and jumps down to a cushion laid on the ground by the local fire fighters, who also appear to be enjoying the whole scene.

As the video was uploaded to YouTube by Zimeye Zimbabwe, on their own channel a little earlier on Wednesday, it might possibly be assumed that the incident happened in that country. Although no further details can be found anywhere online, when looking closer at the video itself the fire truck has the word “Bomberos” printed on the front, meaning that this actually happened in a Spanish speaking country.

Zimeye does, however, compare the incident to a similar story involving Zimbabwe Presidential aspirant Emmerson Mnangagwa, who also apparently had to make a rapid escape from a bedroom window when caught having sex with another man’s wife at some stage in the past.

Sex with another man's wife

In the description of the video, they actually refer to this latest adulterous man’s escape as being in “Mnangagwa Style.” You can say it definitely makes a change from “Gangnam Style!”

It must be something in the air or the water right now, as the Inquisitr reported earlier today on a story about three elderly gentlemen, wearing women’s tennis skirts and spotted indulging in sexual activities in the fresh air of a public park in England.

[Image: Screen grab from YouTube video]