Drake & Bernice 'Sitting In A Tree'? Chasing Rihanna No More

"Drake and Rihanna" rumors seem to fade away after learning that he was recently seen kissing Bernice Burgos. Have you seen her? She's gorgeous! 'Go Drake!'

Like Drake-songs tend to imply, sometimes, you just have to know when to walk away from unproductive situations, in order to make room for more meaningful ones. In determining your net worth, you also have to evaluate what you deem important, as well as if these things add to or subtract from what you're trying to achieve.

Well, with all the recent relationship speculations — while Rihanna has been said to be chasing DiCaprio — Drake's new relationship implies "she ain't got the juice like that," an adaptation from his lyrics on one of the most recent albums. Honestly, have you seen the model Drake was kissing? If you haven't, here's a photo.

Bernice Burgos Pics
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So, yeah. Good job, Drake.

Accompanied by Burgos, Drake is on tour in Australia and seems to be enjoying himself. With so many new Drake songs topping the charts, a vacation seems practically in order, don't you think? What good is it to have success if you can't enjoy its merits? Work hard, so you can play harder. As Drake's past album possibly spoke to his future self, it's titled Thank Me Later. That may be a different perspective on it. However, it's not one you should cast off into oblivion — especially since present-day Drake is basking in such foreseen success, and with a newly-found interest.

Drake And Bernice Burgos III
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Drake And Bernice Burgos II
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In the past, and even now, Drake has been known for his emotions as well as his lyrical execution. Like everyone, he desires someone with whom he can connect. He's human. Chasing someone who doesn't want to pay you the attention you deserve or want can be exhausting. And at some point, like Drake, you have to move on.

As can be heard from one of Rihanna's songs from last year, she likes "rude boys." It doesn't seem ironic that she ends up being linked with DiCaprio after seeing his role in Wolf of Wall Street? He was definitely a "rude boy" in that movie. By contrast, that's not really Drake's thing, to be that type of guy. It's something how a person tends to avoid those who care for him or her the most — but yet chases after those which make it a point to avoid him or her. Maybe it's "wanting what they can't have" syndrome?

Well, whatever the case, Drake appears to say that it's not happening anymore, and he's moving on. The same possibly goes for Nicki as well. You get to a certain point where things and attempts seem futile. At that point, you have to change something or things will always remain the same.

What are your thoughts on Drake's new interest? Think she's hot? Hotter than Rihanna, aside from Ri-Ri's social status?

Bernice Burgos I
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