Birds Drop Dead From Sky In Tennessee, Sparks End-Time Apocalypse And Chemtrails Conspiracy Rumors

News that the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) was investigating a case involving dozens of birds that appeared to have dropped dead out of the sky off North Field Lane in Spring Hill, Maury County has sparked renewed rumors and fears of impending apocalyptic doom in end-time conspiracy theory circles. Many conspiracy theorists are saying that the latest incident is a fulfillment of Hosea 4: 1-3 end-time prophecy that “the fowls of heaven; yea, the fishes of the sea also shall be taken away.”

WKRN reports that a Spring Hill Police spokesman Lt. Justin Whitwell, confirmed that more than 50 birds were found dead on the road, but police investigators were uncertain what caused the deaths.

Police authorities called TWRA officials to investigate the cause of the deaths. According to WKRN, TWRA officials collected some bird samples and sent them for testing.

Meanwhile, news of the incident was spreading in end-time apocalypse and chemtrails conspiracy theory circles, sparking off speculation about the significance of the latest portent.

In case you are unfamiliar with it, the chemtrail conspiracy theory alleges that government has been involved in a sinister plot since the mid-1990s to spray the population with mysterious chemical and biological agents from aircrafts. The alleged agents, which generate persistent contrail patterns, are called chemtrails, to distinguish them from normal aircraft contrails that dissipate rapidly.

Aircraft Contrails

The mass death of birds, such as the recent Spring Hill incident, is usually attributed to recent clandestine spraying of chemtrails by government.

In response to a link to the Fox 17 report about the Spring Hill incident posted to the Facebook page of Tribulation Now dedicated to monitoring signs of the impending apocalypse, a Facebook user writes, “This is the bible stories coming to life. Revelations. Be ready Jesus coming soon.”

Another Facebook user links the incident with the planet Nibiru.

“As Nibiru approaches, the ‘magnetic lines of force’ are askew. Birds have receptors in their brains that ‘work’ according to magnetic lines for their directional sense… somehow they get overwhelmed and short-circuit & fall dead… something along those lines I believe…”

The website End Times Prophecies, which keeps a record of recent mass animal deaths supposedly fulfilling apocalyptic end-time prophecies, warns readers that the latest incident is an end-time sign.

“Although animals and fish have been dying all throughout history, we have not seen the massive numbers that we are seeing today. Please remember! This is just one of the many signs of the last days.”

At the end of an exhaustive list of mass animal deaths in 2015 alone, the website states that “there is no doubt that these mass animal deaths occurring around the world today are one of the signs of the times showing that we are living in the last days.”

A YouTube end-time prophet Paul Begley, who runs a website called Paul Begley Prophecy, uploaded to his YouTube channel a video in which he comments prophetically on the latest apocalyptic portent, pointing out that the “‘Hosea Prophecy’ continues to be fulfilled.”

One of his YouTube followers speculates on the fulfillment of the “Hosea Prophecy,” wondering aloud whether God was removing his dear animals before the apocalypse.

“Could it simply be that God is removing his animals and he said it would be done. Let’s believe what the King James Bible says and trust that the lord makes good his promises.”

But even as conspiracy theory speculation about the latest incident ran rife online, a local pizza delivery driver Russell Thomas, contacted Fox 17 and made the claim that he was personally responsible for the latest mass death.

According to Thomas, the birds collided with his brand new white KIA while flying low at about 3:30 p.m. on Saturday. He said his car suffered some damage and pointed to feathers in the grille to prove that it had been in a collision with birds.

Thomas said he cleaned off his car and went on his way without giving another thought to the matter. But when rumors began to spread that the deaths were in fulfillment of the Hosea Prophecy and that they were caused by chemtrails in the sky, he realized that he had to come forward to douse the rumors.

According to Fox 17, police turned Thomas’ car over to investigating TWRA officials. But police and TWRA officials aren’t saying yet that the pizza delivery man was solely responsible for the latest mass death because the condition of the birds before they collided with his car was unknown.

But reports of bizarre physical signs seen on the birds, such as that some of the birds were “split open” from the tail, continue to help spread rumors in conspiracy theory circles that a sinister “Fortean event” occurred in Spring Hill last weekend.

[Image: iRepoprt2 Network, via WKRN]