Former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt Admits He Cheated On His Wife For 68 Years

Former German Chancellor, Helmut Schmidt, shocked many Germans today when he revealed in his all-new autobiography that he cheated on his wife for the whole of their 68-year marriage.

The revelations were made in a well-known German magazine, which printed excerpts from the new book due for release soon.

As Schmidt writes in his new book entitled, What I Still Want To Say, “I had a relationship with another woman.” Schmidt’s wife, Loki, died five years ago.

At the age of 96, it seems the former German chancellor felt it really was time to say what he wanted to say and the candid revelations in his book are a testimony to that.

Even though he doesn’t reveal the identity of the woman he cheated with for many years, he did write, “It was at the end of the 60s or the beginning of the 70s,” noting that his wife knew all about his extra-marital affairs.

Predictably, the woman, whose identity remains a mystery, was a colleague of Schmidt when he led the social democrat party in Germany.

After his wife died, Helmut Schmidt says he began a relationship with Ruth Loah who was his secretary for many years, and remains in a relationship with her to this day.

In an emotional part of the book, the otherwise cold and collected statesman admits, “Ruth saved my life.”

Schmidt won the Iron Cross for his services in WWII which included action on both the eastern and western fronts.

In another somewhat shocking moment of candor, Schmidt even admits in his book that last year he kept around 38,000 menthol cigarettes at his home because he feared the European Union was going to ban them.

Being that Schmidt has been a 40-per-day smoker for most of his life, it seems he is one of those people that can get away with smoking and live in relative health even into his late 90s.