Bobbi Kristina Turns 22 On Life Support As Nick Gordon Sends Suicidal Tweet, Bobby Brown Slams Reality Show [Video]

Bobbi Kristina Brown’s birthday is today. The daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown turns 22 in a coma, lying in a hospital bed, dependent on a feeding tube, medications, and a ventilator for life. And now, blocked from seeing her, Bobbi Kristina’s boyfriend Nick Gordon is garnering concern with a social media posting that some consider a cry for help, reported the Mirror.

“I’m so hurt I wanna do myself in, I know I have to strong,” he tweeted, following a series asking Bobby to let him see Bobbi Kristina.

Trying to communicate with her through social media, Nick added that he was spending time viewing a movie that the two had enjoyed together, The Hobbit.

“I’m Close to you baby,” tweeted Nick.

But being physically close to Bobbi Kristina may bring only heartbreak, as doctors have failed in their recent attempt to end the medically induced coma so that they can determine the prognosis for the now-22-year-old. The young woman suffered violent seizures, forcing them to return her to that coma.

But Nick’s posts seemed to indicate that he does not understand the severity of her health crisis.

“She is good getting some rest lot of stress losing your mother this month,” he commented.

Some on social media attacked Gordon for what they felt showed a lack of compassion for Bobbi Kristina.

“Dillusional (sic) if you think she’s napping because she’s stressed out.”

Is there any hope for Whitney Houston’s daughter? Yes, because seizures indicate that she is not brain-dead, a neurologist told People.

“Seizures indicate that the patient is not brain dead,” emphasized Dr. Eli Zimmerman. “There has to be some brain activity.”

And he pointed to the benefits of the medically induced coma for Bobbi Kristina.

“Patients are sedated – put into a medically-induced coma – because doctors want the brain to have to do as little as possible. This way, the brain can heal.”

But while Bobby Brown prays for Bobbi Kristina to recover, members of his family are planning a reality show, according to TMZ.

Brown’s sisters, brother, and their children are featuring their own lives as well as Bobbi Kristina’s health battle. No video has been filmed in the hospital, but they have been featuring discussions about her condition shot at their home.

As the Inquisitr reported, members of the Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown families also have sought to profit by asking for perks and money in exchange for media interviews about Bobbi Kristina. Some of her relatives are taking advantage of journalist’s eagerness for information to seek free hotel rooms and thousands of bucks in exchange for details.

In response to those relatives seeking to make money from his daughter’s tragedy, Bobby Brown is extremely upset, reported People.

Also distancing himself from those reality show plans involving Bobbi Kristina’s crisis is her cousin, Jerod Brown, who posted his views on Facebook.

“Breaking News: I have no parts in Brown Reality Show. “Never did… Never will. No shade to my family.”

[Photo By Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images]