Chris Brown Baby Scandal: What Rihanna Allegedly Said About Ex Being A Dad

The internet is buzzing with the news that Chris Brown may be the father of a nine-month-old girl. Also caught up in the surprising news is none other than Brown’s ex-girlfriend, Rihanna!

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Chris Brown is thought to have fathered a child with an Instagram model named Nia Gonzalez.

Chris and Nia have known each other for several years. Well, several year ago Chris Brown and Rihanna were together. Some are already speculating that the connection between Nia and Chris goes back that far, with the baby being the result of their secret relationship. If that’s the case, it could be why Rihanna allegedly commented that she was glad to have no part of the ongoing drama.

“Rihanna’s been through it all with Chris. This is the type of situation that some women would lose their minds over and end up doing something very foolish,” our source adds “She’s thanking everything around her that she’s not in this position.”

When news that Chris Brown could have fathered a child hit the internet, Rihanna was reportedly stunned along with many others.

Chris’ ex, Rihanna, was just as shocked as the rest of us to hear that he may have fathered a child with a woman named Nia.

Sources close to the singer revealed EXCLUSIVELY to that she had to read the reports a number of times before the news sunk in. However, Rihanna has no ill-will towards her ex or his alleged daughter.

While Rihanna feels no ill will toward either party, many have been waiting to hear what Chris Brown’s current flame Karrueche Tran thinks of possibly being caught up in an embarrassing cheating scandal.

If Chris indeed fathered a child last year, then would it be reason enough for Karrueche to walk away? It certainly seems that way if Tran’s tweet on the matter is to be believed:

Listen. One can only take so much. The best of luck to Chris and his family. No baby drama for me.

— Karrueche Tran (@karrueche) March 4, 2015

She wrote, “One can only take so much. The best of luck to Chris and his family. No baby drama for me.”

Chris and Karrueche frequently broke up and got back together last year, which may be what Chris Brown’s newest ex-girlfriend may be referring to by the “so much”. However, it seems that potentially fathering a child behind Tran’s back proved to be the last straw.

Will Karrueche stick to her guns, or will she and Chris get back together? Why do you think so many were looking for a reaction from Rihanna?

[Image Credit: DoD News Features]