Ellen DeGeneres Solves The Dress Color Debate: Is It White And Gold Or Blue And Black? [Video]

Ellen DeGeneres prefers to wear tailored slack outfits, but even the talk show comedienne couldn’t resist the lure of trying on the clothing craze known as #TheDress – or at least looking at it. Ellen featured all the key players (including the dress itself) on her show to find out how a debate over the color of a wedding dress could break the Internet more successfully than Kim Kardashian’s derriere, reported Yahoo News.

Joining Ellen on her show, the dress owner and Tumblr creator, who shared the photo laughed as they recalled how a few wedding dress pictures went so quickly viral. Also hopping on board the Ellen Show were the brand-new newlyweds who had the fortune (or misfortune) to be the key players in the wedding from which the dress photo originated.

Meet Scottish Grace MacPhee. It was she whose mom actually began the debate by kindly sending her a trio of dress photos so she could decide what to wear to the wedding between Grace and Keir Johnston (the two have since been successfully married despite being mired in mystery dress color debates).

“So I said which one is it. Which one do you like the best?” asked Grace of her mother. “And she said the third one.”

And that’s where the color question kick-started.

“And I said, oh, the white and gold one? And she said no the blue and black one. And I said no, mom that’s white and gold and if you think it’s blue and black you need to go to the doctors.”

However, Keir contended that Grace’s mom Cecilia Bleasdale was correct. The dress debate concluded with a reward for the newlyweds of a new honeymoon (they had to abandon their first honeymoon to be featured on the Ellen Show, of course), colorful underwear (gold, white, black, and blue), and a nice addition of $10,000.

Ellen also addressed the answer to the question of the color.

“This is why I don’t wear dresses. That’s the reason right there,” declared Ellen.

“And here’s the crazy thing – It turns out the real dress is blue and black. Isn’t that amazing? It’s amazing the real dress is wrong. The reason this dress looks different is because the dress is an optical illusion created by the devil.”

So what does the dress manufacturer think of all this? They’re uber-excited about the dress exposure, admitted Ian Johnson to the Hollywood Reporter.

Roman Originals is now creating another color of the dress, said creative manager Ian. He revealed that sales have soared by 500 percent.

The last time that the Internet was so close to breaking may have been when Ellen hosted the Oscars and took that famous selfie, as the Inquisitr reported. Will she host again and wear the white and gold – or blue and black – dress? What color do you think it is, and would you like to see Ellen slip sleekly into it as the next Oscars host? Post your comments below.

[Image Via Swiked.tumblr]