Hospital Accidentally Disposes Of Two Miscarried Fetuses In Laundry

When the employees at a Henderson laundry facility arrived to work on Tuesday morning, the last thing they expected was to find two 16-week-old miscarried fetuses in the linens they received from the Spring Valley Hospital Medical Center in Las Vegas.

Having received the disturbing surprise in the laundry delivery, the Henderson laundry notified the police who determined from which hospital the fetuses had come.

At first, police spokeswoman, Kathleen Richards, referred to the fetuses as the twins, but as the fetuses were 16-week developed they were classified as miscarried, at around 4.5 inches long with ears and eyes already formed.

The hospital concerned is now trying to find out exactly how the miscarried fetuses made it into the laundry, and released this statement.

“We are currently reviewing the situation to determine what occurred. However, the remains are currently in the hospital’s possession, and we are working with the family at this time. After suffering a miscarriage at another location, the patient arrived via EMS with twin, early gestational, deceased fetuses. The fetuses had already been wrapped in linen prior to arrival at the hospital.”

Due to the fact the investigation into the two fetuses is ongoing, Richards refused to release an official police report. The police don’t think a crime was committed or that any foul play took place.

Nevertheless, the investigation will remain open until the Clark County coroner’s office confirms a cause of death, said Richards.

It remains to be seen what the circumstances were that led to the disposing of two miscarried unborn fetuses to the laundry by the Spring Valley Hospital. The hospital will want to investigate the matter internally in order to establish the nature of the misunderstanding which led to the delivery.

For now the investigation will become clearer once the Clark County coroner’s office carry out its due diligence to find out the cause of death of the two miscarried fetuses.