Coca-Cola Mom Turns House Into Cola Shrine

A Coca-Cola obsessed mom who seems to have more than a little obsession with the world-renowned fizzy beverage has transformed her house into a massive Coca-Cola shrine… and it’s very red indeed!

Whether it’s the table or the kitchen cabinets, the whole house is one big tribute to the sugary drink and is quite a sight to behold.

The Cola-obsessed mom, Lillian, said that her love of Coke all started around 30 years ago when she was on vacation.

As the mother-of-two told reporters, “I collected them for about 28 years. When friends and family went off to different countries, they would bring me back some. They were up the loft for years and years and I thought will we do the small bedroom up in Coca Cola?” So, we did the small bedroom up in Coca Cola and that’s my sons’ room now.”

Lillian added that, around five years ago, while she watched an episode of Come Dine With Me, she had the idea to do up her kitchen with a Coca-Cola theme, as a woman on the show had a logo of the beverage giant in her kitchen.

At that point Lillian said to her husband, “I just said to Barry we’ll do the kitchen up, and within six months the whole kitchen was done up in Coca Cola.”

So where do Lillian and Barry get all their Coca-Cola paraphernalia?

As Lillian explained, “I go out to New York and the Grand Slam shop in Times Square has a section dedicated to Coca Cola, so I usually go out there and bring loads back. We bought a crate of Coca Cola bottles and drank the Coke and he made up the chandeliers.”

There’s no doubt that Lillian is a true Coke fan, but did she have to go all the way and turn her house into a Cola shrine?

As the old adage goes, “There’s now’t as queer as folk.”