March 4, 2015
Jessa Duggar's Newest Controversy Isn't Over What She's Saying, But What She's Wearing

Jessa Seewald (née Duggar) seems to always be at the center of controversy, most frequently centering on her social media activity. Recently, Jessa went on a Facebook rant, calling out Christians more liberal than herself. Now, though, she's being slammed on social media for something other than her words. What is it? Well, on Instagram, an awful lot of followers are shocked at Jessa for wearing pants.

The Duggar family, known for their conservative views, believe in modesty. For Duggar women and girls, this means skirts. However, Instagram photos posted by Ben and Jessa recently show the young woman in pants, and her followers can't believe it.

On Jessa's own Instagram, she posted the following image in the late hours as March 3rd turned into March 4th..

If you're shocked at the sight of Jessa Duggar in pants, you should see what her Instagram followers are saying.

In the lower right-hand corner of the image, you can see Jessa Duggar's tennis shoes, and the bottoms of what appear to be pants legs. The comment section, naturally, went wild, with shock and outrage from some of Jessa's followers, mere surprise from others, and many speaking up to defend her.

Are those pants?
Is she wearing pants?
While several did post harsh reproach, and many more expressed mild disapproval, for Jessa daring to wear pants, others were quick to defend her, and to deflect the attacks, pointing out that the pants were likely worn under a skirt.

However, it isn't Jessa's first time showing up on Instagram in pants -- though the responses on her husband Ben's page were less defensive of Jessa, and more directly approving instead.

This photo of Jessa and her husband Ben appeared on Ben's Instagram two weeks ago, followed by a short video clip of Jessa, in the same clothing, calling Ben to come sledding.

The internet loved Jessa Duggar in these pants.

Along with numerous comments just reading "pants!" or "She's wearing pants!" or the equivalent, Jessa received many comments that appear to be approving.

Wow she's wearing pants.... finally
First time I've ever seen Jessa in pants #CuteGirlie
Whether or not it's because of the approval, or lack thereof, she thought she might receive from the rest of the Duggar clan, it's notable that Jessa didn't also share her pants-on workout shot to Facebook, and she does most of her Instagram posts.

Of course, Jessa and all the women of the Duggar family can certainly choose their own clothing, and it's quite possible to practice modesty in pants. However, some of Jessa's followers may be taking her Facebook post to heart -- after all, she did say that rather than taking a "judge not" position, Christians should call out others when they perceive a wrong.

Sound off: is it an unfair attack on Jessa, or do you think the Duggar family's high level of publicity invites such commentary?