‘Mad Max’ Release Date Revealed, Last-Gen Versions Canned

The upcoming Mad Max game by Warner Bros. has been given a release date, thanks to an in-depth reveal with Game Informer.

Mad Max has been given a release date of September 1 and will only be releasing on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The previous gen versions of Mad Max have been cancelled as a result. The reason for this is simply according to the developers: more time will be given to optimize the PC and current-gen console experience.

Mad Max also has a movie coming out, so it’s interesting to see that the game release date is set months after Mad Max: Fury Road hits theaters on May 15. While the game and movie aren’t necessarily tied together, it’s puzzling to have such a gap between the two Warner Bros. entries in the franchise.


Avalanche Studios, the developers behind Mad Max, have also revealed a bonus to all those that pre-order the title. Players will gain access to The Ripper. According to Eurogamer, The Ripper is a Magnum Opus body featuring a V8 engine, off-road tires, and a ramming grill.

Mad Max is a franchise that can trace its gaming roots back to the NES. Originally a film in 1979 by Frank Miller, Mad Max has influenced games, movies, and popular culture ever since. Its dystopian setting has always been home to some monster vehicles, a mainstay that the current iterations of Mad Max seem to be emulating.

Originally revealed at E3 2013, Game Informer reveals that much has changed about Mad Max since its inception by Avalanche. The studio has said they are going to be showcasing what they feel the Mad Max universe is in their opinion. The game will feature both vehicle and on-foot combat, but vehicular combat will be at the core of the gameplay.

Mad Max isn’t the only game to be releasing on September 1. Earlier, a leak reported by the Inquisitr revealed that the final entry into the Metal Gear Solid saga will also release on September 1, pitting two of this year’s most anticipated titles against each other for consumer mind share. Which will come out on top: espionage with Snake, or vehicular combat in Mad Max?

This entire month more details around the game version of Mad Max will be made available. Mad Max has a large following, so it’ll be interesting to see how the changes and choices made by the developers will play out. Stay tuned to the Inquisitr as more info becomes available.