UFO Encounters Are First To Be Declared Historical Fact: ‘We Believe It Is True’

Thomas Reed was just a normal six-year-old kid on a horse farm in 1966 Massachusetts when his reported UFO close encounters began, with UFOs appearing first in his bedroom, then the nearby forest, and ultimately young Thomas interacting with the UFO-occupants and being brought on board a presumably alien UFO craft.

Sound unbelievable? Well, Thomas Reed’s childhood UFO experiences, which also involved his family and community and went on for several years, are the first to be formally inducted into a main-stream U.S. historical society and museum, reports the Boston Globe.

The Great Barrington Historical Society & Museum in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, has embraced Thomas Reed’s experiences with UFOs as “historical fact” and will soon showcase the Reed UFO encounters with an exhibit within their walls.

Asked what the society’s acceptance of the Thomas Reed UFO encounters as historical fact means, Debbie Oppermann, the society’s director said, “It means that we believe it is true.”

While the Reed UFO encounters weren’t a shoe-in inductee into the society and museum, with three of the Great Barrington Historical Society’s nine members first “strongly opposing” the Reed UFO induction, in the end, “it passed with consensus,” said Opperman.

Like the board member’s decision, Opperman also expects some push back from others, but based on extensive proof and substantiation, the Reed UFO chronicles got the Great Barrington Historical Society’s welcoming nod.

“I know we’re going to get a lot of backlash. We’re going to get hammered. But we have given it an awful lot of thought, and, based on the evidence we’ve been given, we believe this is a significant and true event.”

While all of the UFO and alleged alien encounters connected with the Thomas Reed UFO saga are fascinating – for making the “Historical Fact” list and being included in the Great Barrington Society’s historical collection as a UFO related entry – it was really the 1969 chapter of the Reed UFO experiences that brought them into the historical fold.

Along with the 1969 Reed UFO sightings were several other people in the area that saw a UFO “performing acrobatic maneuvers in the sky.”

The Great Barrington Historical society also investigated the Thomas Reed UFO case thoroughly, examining a polygraph test taken by Thomas Reed, and reviewing documentation provided by a local radio station that was bombarded by UFO calls from all those other people, at the time.

Perhaps most interestingly, Thomas Reed, now 55, is still relating his UFO experiences. In fact Reed was just featured last week at the International UFO Congress in Arizona, reports the Washington Times.

Reed, now a resident of Tennessee (which has experienced some UFO activities of its own) expressed his support for the Barrington Society including his UFO encounters while also confirming that those experiences were absolutely real.

“They took a stand and have chosen to recognize something that many people in their position would have stepped away from. We know what we saw, and it was not local. It was definitely off-world. And it affected my whole family, and there has been a lot of post-traumatic stress.”

Strong testimony from a historically recognized UFO Witness.

[Image via Wikimedia]