‘GTA V’ To Add Daily Missions And Other New Content Alongside Next Week’s Online Heist Update

The highly anticipated launch of online heists isn’t the only new feature that will be added in next week’s Grand Theft Auto V update. In a post from their official blog, Rockstar Games announced that they will be launching several new content additions to GTA Online on March 10 that should give players much more to do. In fact, GTA V will receive new competitive modes and co-op objectives to help flesh out the freeform open-world of the title’s online multiplayer component.

“Next week, [Heists] will deliver a brand new gameplay experience to GTA Online, offering players the chance to team up to take down big scores. Alongside this massive new addition comes a range of new features and enhancements to make the entire GTA Online experience bigger and deeper.”

Additionally, gamers will have more opportunities to earn cash in GTA V, as the game’s next update will add new daily missions. Every day, fans will be given a different set of objectives to complete to receive bonus cash rewards. These goals can take place either in jobs or from freeform play.

GTA V players will begin to receive a stacking bonus if they consecutively complete the daily objectives. According to Rockstar Games, the bonus will give gamers payouts of up to $500,000 after several days. This is likely to give fans an alternate way to make more cash within the online mode of Grand Theft Auto V if they don’t have any desire to play the upcoming new co-op heist jobs.

Grand Theft Auto V
Grand Theft Auto V (Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3)

Those who prefer to simply roam around GTA V‘s open-world with friends will be glad to discover that Rockstar Games is also adding new activities for players to perform in the freeform play. After next week’s update, GTA V users will randomly receive calls from different contacts, who will ask players to perform various tasks throughout Los Santos without having to begin a traditional mission.

“You and your fellow players also have new opportunities for cash and RP rewards with new activities added to the world in Freemode. Be on the lookout for calls from Lester, who may need help to distract the cops in a specific area while Lester’s accomplices finish their criminal business. Lamar may call looking for help destroying a vehicle or two, while Trevor and Ron need occasional help picking their business rival’s planes out of the sky.”

The next GTA V update will also add new competitive matches that Rockstar is calling Adversary Modes. This will add three new PvP modes to the game that unlock after players try out the new online heists.

In addition to working on the launch of online heists, which are scheduled to finally release next week across all platforms, Rockstar Games is now supposedly working on the first story-driving DLC for Grand Theft Auto V. The add-on is rumored to continue the single player story of GTA V, as reported earlier this week by the Inquisitr.

Are you excited about the upcoming new features heading to GTA V or are you only interested in the release of online heists?

[Images via Rockstar Games]