Kyle Richards On Running From Lisa Rinna and Kim Richards’ Fight, Admits ‘RHOBH’ Reunion Was ‘So Upsetting’ She Didn’t Leave Bed For Days

The drama hits fever pitch on tonight’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. As shown in a preview clip, Lisa Rinna and Kim Richards get into a very heated argument while in an Amsterdam restaurant. As Lisa yells at Kim to never go after her husband, actor Harry Hamlin, she gets up off her seat as if she’s about to lunge at Kim. When Kim doesn’t back down, Lisa grabs a wine glass and throws it on the table, sending glass shattering everywhere.

The preview shows Kyle quickly bolting out of the restaurant. In an interview with E! News, Kyle explained what happened between the ladies. Kyle also explained why her immediate reaction was to run away rather than try to calm down her sister or Lisa.

“Lisa said something that set my sister off and [Kim] kind of said something that really, really upset Lisa Rinna and she just lost it. She kind of lunged across the table and next thing you know everyone is screaming. And then she picked up a glass, threw it—smash—glass went flying everywhere… I suffer from anxiety. I just completely fled. That was my instinct, to get out of there. I freaked out because I got scared… Everybody was a mess.”

Kyle later explained what she threw down on the floor as she ran out the restaurant’s door.

As for whether Kim Richards really does need an intervention, which Lisa Rinna tried to make happen and is what lead to Kim to being so upset with Lisa, Kyle Richards told E! News that she doesn’t think that Kim needs it but admits that she doesn’t know where Kim stands with sobriety with right now. Kyle said that she hopes that Kim is okay and thinks that she is.

Unfortunately for Kyle, the Amsterdam dinner confrontation wasn’t the end of the drama. She revealed that filming the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fifth season reunion was so upsetting that she didn’t leave her bed for days afterwards.

“The reunion was worse than Amsterdam. I didn’t leave my bed for two days after the reunion. I couldn’t go anywhere. It was just so upsetting.”

Perhaps there was something revealed about Kyle Richards or Kim Richards at the reunion that Kyle would have rather stayed private? As previously reported by the Inquisitr, host and executive producer Andy Cohen teased during his latest Ask Andy segment that something big, something so huge that he called it a “smoking gun,” was revealed last-minute at the reunion.

“[The reunion] was super dramatic. It was emotional. There was an 11th hour smoking gun that was revealed … which was amazing.”

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]